Love this article on Champagne at Shannon’s.


Collagen is a major part of bone broth. More specifically, the collagen that comes out of the chicken bones or beef bones in the bone broth. Collagen inserted into your diet is healing for your insides. What UC patient (or any living human being) wouldn’t want more collagen!?!


Here is a link to the awesome article….Why I Put Collagen In My Coffee


I am going to try this. Even though I am feeling quite sparkly right now with my current cocktail of medicines (thank you Entivyo & Xeljanz) you can always add non-medicinal means of healing your body.


Among the benefits that Champagne at Shannon’s lists that I ¬†would be more than willing to obtain are:


  • Strengthened joints
  • Healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Anti-aging benefits


My thoughts on collagen powder. It definitely has a unique taste but it doesn’t over power my cup of coffee. As far as health benefits, I have not seen any change in my gut, good or bad. My nails were stronger but I did not see any change in my skin and hair. I do not feel the benefits were great enough to keep this in my daily routine.


Please share in the comments if you have had any experience, positive or negative, with adding powder collagen to your daily routine.