Just For Fun

I love mindlessly scrolling through Facebook! You run into the strangest things so I thought I would share just for fun!

Pic from Trylife.

Usually if I think about this type of thing before bed, I have strange dreams so let’s hope talking it out with you keeps the dreams at bay.

Let’s see, I have not watched much tv today since we rush out the door by 6:50a  to get to school, spend all day at school & then we celebrated baby man #1’s 7th birthday with eating out. I secretly (or now not so secretly) think that’s more a parent celebration for not having to clean up the kitchen, lol.

Anywho, the last TV show that I watched would have been Pioneer Woman! I’m 100% certain I’d be in good hands with Ree Drummond trying to save me. She would lure the kidnappers away with some of her out of this world, fantastic recipes & then fatten them up with some amazing desert so they could not chase us as we make our get away.

So, what’s your story?


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