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It’s Here!

It’s here! It’s here! The day has arrived for my new series!!!

Drum roll please……

Let my Recipe Remake commence!

So I’ve long been one to start & not fully pursue diets.

After baby 1, some of the extra chub needed to disappear so I started protein shakes & running which lasted, oh, 10.2 seconds. I decided a life change was how my brain needed to see it so I did just that. Half my servings, get rid of bread (which is not a must for me anyway) & I would still have my faves such as Oreos but only a serving size. I don’t think the chocolate diet had been created yet but I might could have stuck with that one!

That lifestyle change was very beneficial until ulcerative colitis hit like a hammer to my gut. There was no diet that I could truly stick with & I couldn’t tell if a diet change would even help because I couldn’t stick to it.

In walks Entivyo like a boss! Now, foods don’t hate me as much but I still like to watch my diet & am trying to control my bad days with diet instead of steroids.
Entivyo sent me a cookbook & at first glance, I would probably never try the recipes inside but I thought, why not give them a shot with small tweaks for the skeptic in me & see what my tough culinary critics at home think of them.

For those in the dieting world, the cookbook states that it is Low-Fodmap recipes. The book itself is compliments of Takeda, the makers of my miracle drug!


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