Technology Distractions!

Stress is the name of the game for my November. All my assignments just snuck up on me over the last 85 days!

Ok, ok, that’s a lie & I try not to tell lies.

My name is Terri & I’m a procrastinator! I’m really not sure how I ever graduated from college but I think it has to do with my inexperience with the internet (at that time) & its pull on the brain when your supposed to be researching. Shopping for Christmas is much more interesting than writing a research paper.

I best not leave out my handy little smart phone which I must check every time it beeps or vibrates or the screen lights up. I remind myself of my first mini-man who is slightly obsessed with Thomas the Train videos on YouTube, he feens for them, like I feen for my phone. Smart phones are becoming an addiction & you know you’ve got it bad when you accidentally leave it at home when you run to the store & you turn around to go back get it.

Modern technology is just not conducive to keeping my mind focused on class work!


6 thoughts on “Technology Distractions!

  1. I totally know what you mean. I’m in a Master’s program also…and homework is the sneakiest critter in the world!!! If only I could silence my phone and tablet and put them in another room while doing homework….Nooooooooo!!! 🙂

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  2. I always like to see people admit their procrastination. It is something universal, I think. Of course you have the same technological distractions (the monster) in you that most people have at their fingertips, which keep on diverting your attention. When it comes to blogging, you should get more in depth with what you are discussing (even though I understand you have those woeful time constraints). I would be interested, for example, in what is really happening with you, but I want a more thorough analysis of what’s the beef. Nice to read this, anyway. Good luck!

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