It’s That Time Again…#9

Entivyo, o how I love thee, minus the IV & the funky taste in my mouth. This medicine has without a doubt been my saving grace. It has put my system in check & I feel human again! 

I really didn’t hold out much hope that Entivyo would actually work for me. I had been sick & not under control for three years. That’s a long time to have your gut hurt everyday, be unhealthy skinny and exhausted constantly. Let’s face it, life on prednisone just doesn’t cut it when there’s new medicines being created everyday that just might work.

My husband probably wondered if he would ever fully have his wife back. The same wife who didn’t worry if there was a bathroom everywhere we went or who had the energy to go where I wanted to with him.

That’s a 👍🏻 to Entivyo (sorta)!
I think it’s safe to say that everyone is a lot happier since this time last year. Wow, it has been 362 days since I started Entivyo!! I’m not counting the days by any means 😉

So #9 will commence shortly & the magic will continue! I think Entivyo has given me my sparkle back!

P.S. The blood Dr said that the iron infusions from July did the trick! I am making more blood & keeping my hemoglobin steady. Yay, go red blood cells! (It’s the little successes in life that get you through!)


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