Where Were You?

Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?

I was in algebra, my freshmen year at WTAMU. I did not know at the time that while I was daydreaming about breakfast or a nap after class that a horrific tragedy had just happened, half a world away, to my fellow Americans, that would change thousands of lives forever. Heck, it has changed the American way of life forever! 

As I walked to my next class, ditching the idea of a nap, I overheard someone say “a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center!” 

My path to phys ed was diverted with that statement and I ended up plastered to the tv in my dorm room watching the second plane hit and the towers fall. 

I decided to go to my US History class because it was a hard class so I couldn’t miss but I figured I would learn something about what had happened from my history professor. Not a word from her on what had just happened. I was beginning to wonder if I was losing it, that no one else had seen what was covering the news channels and would cover the front page of the newspapers for weeks to come.

I went back to my dorm room before work and couldn’t peel my eyes from the tv footage of people covered in dust, taking shelter or running from the building which aired all day long and for many days after that. 

Later in the afternoon I heard about the flight that hit the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field because of heroic passengers that fought back.
I was glad my sister was at school with me because the feeling of fear and uncertainty was overwhelming. My parents lived almost six hours away so a trip home just to hug my families neck was out of the question. That was especially true since the lines at the gas pump went for many city blocks because people were worried about oil, the stock market and our financial world collapsing.

Tomorrow I will present videos and pictures, speeches and songs in a tribute to a generation of kids who weren’t even alive on that day. Always remember 9/11 and teach the younger generation about that day and the resilience of Americas everyday!


4 thoughts on “Where Were You?

  1. I was a grade schooler , and putting on my socks in front of the TV . It was 7 AM in California, and 10 AM in NY. I thought it was a movie, Then we got an overseas call from my aunt in the Philippines. She said to my Mom, ” Is your TV on ? ” My Mom said ” yes, but it ‘s on mute ” ” OMG, watch the news, you are under attack , and you don’t even know it ! ! “


  2. I was getting ready to go to work and had CNN on TV. When I realized something was happening I stopped to watch. I remember one announcer said a private plane had crashed into the tower…in the background you could see smoke coming from the first tower. Nobody had any idea what was happening. Then the second jet came into view.

    I remember fumbling around looking for my cell phone…why cant’t you find those things when you need them! I called everybody I could. I remember the one huge feeling of helplessness. Absolute helplessness.


  3. In July of that year my son and I fulfilled a dream and travelled to New York. We visited the twin towers, did some shopping in Gap and Century 21 and took a load of photo’s. I had to lay down on the side walk to fit both towers into the frame. The dream was shattered when in Dublin that terrible day the news came through. We were in shock. We couldn’t believe it. We were traumatised. Some of my colleagues cried. I still look at the photographs but in an entirely new light. Fortunately dreams can be re-ignited, and become even more powerful. As they have become now.


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