Mountain Weekend

When I get to see the beauty created by God, I think of these words.

We love the mountains and our time away from the craziness we call life! A 3 day weekend is too short but the mountains keep calling us anyway. Being on top of the mountains makes you feel like you could reach out & touch heaven. I believe God made mountains so you can feel closer to him.

Red River has become one of my favorite places to be. It’s beauty is unending & the family time is priceless!

We rode the ski lift with babyman #1.

At the top the clouds were so fluffy!!!

A little fishing with babyman #2. With every question he was asked he would answer “I fishin!”. You hungry Luke? No, I fishin!

Rode go carts.

Enjoyed meals with the family or sometimes wondering when we’ll be able to eat out without the babies stressing us out. 

Listening to the river running as we talk around the fire. 

Walking around downtown & shopping. 

Peaceful afternoon rain showers while Luke & I take a nap. 

Well, you get the picture…AMAZING trip! Until we meet again Red River.


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