Motivation Monday ❤️

I love this cup! It reminds me that what I’m doing is impacting the world!
Who knows, I could have the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in my classroom or maybe a president or a singer who will make an unbelievable impact on the world we live in. So yeah, teachers, you are kinda a big deal! We guide all other professions.

4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday ❤️

  1. I went to my 50th High School Reunion this past weekend where I made a thirty minute presentation: A Tribute to Teachers. At the last two reunions we had tributes to soldiers, to our fallen heroes…to all veterans, and so on. I don’t begrudge them their honor, BUT we have Memorial Day, VE Day, VJ Day, and Pear Harbor Day and other days for that sort of thing. I asked a friend, when did we last see on Facebook a dog welcoming a teacher home from work? At any rate the tribute was a great success. Whew.

    Teachers are the heart of this nation’s strength. Of course I was a teacher and yes, I’m biased, but I’m also a realist. The hope of this country rests with education. I firmly believe that, and yet a huge number of folks still see teachers as over paid babysitters, who can’t do anything else…right?

    Well, I’ll stop before I start yelling and screaming. So THANK YOU so much for posting.

  2. This is great. We are so often wrapped up in ourselves we forget to think of the effect our lives can have on others. It gives life a new meaning when you think of it that way doesn’t it?

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