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Motivation Monday ❤️

I love this cup! It reminds me that what I’m doing is impacting the world!
Who knows, I could have the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in my classroom or maybe a president or a singer who will make an unbelievable impact on the world we live in. So yeah, teachers are kinda a big deal! We guide all other professions.


4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday ❤️

  1. I went to my 50th High School Reunion this past weekend where I made a thirty minute presentation: A Tribute to Teachers. At the last two reunions we had tributes to soldiers, to our fallen heroes…to all veterans, and so on. I don’t begrudge them their honor, BUT we have Memorial Day, VE Day, VJ Day, and Pear Harbor Day and other days for that sort of thing. I asked a friend, when did we last see on Facebook a dog welcoming a teacher home from work? At any rate the tribute was a great success. Whew.

    Teachers are the heart of this nation’s strength. Of course I was a teacher and yes, I’m biased, but I’m also a realist. The hope of this country rests with education. I firmly believe that, and yet a huge number of folks still see teachers as over paid babysitters, who can’t do anything else…right?

    Well, I’ll stop before I start yelling and screaming. So THANK YOU so much for posting.

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  2. This is great. We are so often wrapped up in ourselves we forget to think of the effect our lives can have on others. It gives life a new meaning when you think of it that way doesn’t it?


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