Are you the diamond or the coal?

I am the diamond, shaped & molded by life but coming out stronger in the end. Some days though, you just feel like the coal. On those days you need a reminder that your destined to shine!

I know what your thinking, do I have to shine all the time? Nope & if you do, you might be a tad bit fake or a lot a bit fake but atleast your trying to shine.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of starting your day out right. Whether it’s a cup of coffee made just right or hitting the green lights all the way to work, let the positive drive your mood.

If it is one of those days that make you want to crawl back in bed & ask for a mulligan, Keep Calm, check your ‘tude & adjust. I promise, it can’t stay bad for long if you have the right mindset. 

In fact, you’ll undoubtably learn to be a diamond in the rough. 

And just because I love chocolate cake…


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