Workout Wednesday

Thighs have not been my target area in awhile or let’s extend that to since high school when I enjoyed lifting weights. So, I thought I would start super easy since my knees are flairing up from an arthritis flair. 

On a side note, one main difference between typical arthritis & rheumatoid arthritis is that RA is typically symmetrical so both knees look like smooshy, swollen cantaloupes instead of one knee.

So back to the thighs. A deadlift didn’t sound so bad. This innocent little deadlift with 2- 3lb weights has me sore as can be. Like drop your pen & hope someone is around to pick it up for you sore. I’m going back to the thigh workout this evening to see if I can workout the soreness & I’ll probably be stuck on this one exercise until I build up a little more muscle but I am going to build some leg muscles.

If you need easy on the knees workouts like I do, Google it! I Googled “best lower-body exercises for knee injury” & it came up with enough workouts to fill a few weeks up. I love Goolge! It has helped me stick to exercising again just by changing things up here & there.

Here’s some cheat sheets I found helpful:

And here’s a good workout:


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