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Flower Time

I love playing with flowers! There’s something amazingly calming about digging in the dirt & planting things.I love to take pictures over time to watch the change.

This beauty was close to death but a touch of miracle grow & some major sun…voila!

I am a stresser! I stress about everything even before it’s a possibility that I need to worry about it. One thing that I find to help with de-stressing is taking care of my flowers. I might venture to food plants someday but for now I just plant for pretty flower beds.

There’s a lot to be learned from gardening. I love quotes, especially paired with a pretty picture so here’s my wisdom learned from gardening:


6 thoughts on “Flower Time

  1. Flowers look great. Here in Alabama we’re sloooowly leaving the summer heat–which I’m happy about–and moving into cooler weather. Petunia’s worn out but Begonias are looking great…and ferns are large, green, and happy! 🙂 Thanks for great post.


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