What your child’s teacher wants you to know

I sat down at the lunch table in our cafeteria. Most kids were eating from the cafeteria lines which I do somedays. Others were eating out of their lunch bags or Walmart sacks. As I look at what today’s middle school kids eat for lunch, I noticed a trend. They weren’t the Pinterest perfect, food prep on Sundays lunches that I see floating around Facebook. It was a sandwich and chips or leftovers. A thought came to mind and it looks alot like the ideas reflected in “Party Like a Mother”.

You don’t have to do it all!!!


Mila Kunis plays a picture perfect, do-it-all mom who still manages to make PTA meetings.

After an awful day, that’s a drastic understatement, she makes it to a super important can’t miss PTA meeting about an unannounced topic which ends up being a bake sale. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Really, a stinkin’ bake sale! That’s when she decides that she’s done trying to be it all & do it all. She just stops doing & here’s where the message comes in.

Just be involved! You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect, all organic, Susie homemaker momma. You just need to be there. That’s all your kids want and that’s all their teachers want.

If you’re at this point and want a change, there’s a few monumental things that will happen when you stop trying to be perfect:

1. When your kids learn that you have expectations, they will learn to work towards attaining them. Our jobs as parents is to train the tiny humans to do as we do. What are you training them to do?

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2. No one is perfect! Teach your kids to be realistic & strive for their best. If they fall short, lesson learned.

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3. This world can be tough. Let them figure that out & be there to answer the tough questions or cushion the fall.

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4. You’re not fooling their teacher when you try to pass your project off as theirs. They will actually learn when they do their own work.

5. You are not retaking their classes for a grade so let them earn it.

6. Do not drop everything to take them their forgotten lunch or homework unless it was your fault. This is working on that responsibility thing.

7. Your child can’t tell the difference between organic & TV dinner so don’t stress! Food is what they need.

8. Gourmet, homecooking or takeout…the common denominator at supper is family together time. I think sitting down for a dinner as a family is super important. If it weren’t for family dinner, you may never see your teenagers!

9. The biggest thing this teacher wants you to remember…they are kids. A grade is a grade but it doesn’t define who they are or where they’re heading in life. It just says, “we’ve got something to improve on”.

I don’t know how we created a society that is drowning in “how do I look”. I also don’t know how we are to go about fixing what is broken but I want you to know momma, it is ok that your child’s lunch looks like the 1950’s bagged lunches. It is also ok that their projects aren’t perfect and they use their own words. It is ok to teach your kids to strive for something other than perfection as long as they’re doing their best. One day, the ideas that they come up with on their own might take us back to a society that puts less value on looks and more on the content.

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Teaching is definitely a calling & we wouldn’t be in that classroom with your baby if we didn’t feel that we could help guide them through life with a side order of knowledge. We do really enjoy your input and help however we may get it. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect, all organic, Susie homemaker momma. Just be involved!

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  1. I love this. Such great reminders. Especially 2 and 3. Some great lessons they’ll carry through their entire lives. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fantastic reminders! I think a hard part for me to understand is the judgement of other “perfect” moms. I’m getting over it and these 9 reminders will help!

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