& So It Begins

It’s here, my last Friday at home before 2-a-days start & then inservice & then school starts, then Christmas & then summer break again! Yea right, as if it was that simple. I love my job & what I do but it’s the not being home with my little ones during the day that makes me want summer to last forever! Oh, & the daily naps that I love sooooooo much, I’ll miss them also.
For my teacher friends, I thought you could use some humor as we come around the final stretch to the school year beginning.

You know exactly what I’m talking about & it seems like every second of inservice is filled with a meeting about this or that. I just want to work in my room!!!!!

This reminds me that it’s time to hit up Mardel’s & maybe A & D Bookstore for some new decor. I’m not as bad as this, taking a full truckload in, but I do like to re-do all my boards & get new fun stuff to play with.

I want to decorate my room but gosh, it just takes so much energy & I have to drive out to the school. Nope, I’ll wait until I’m officially supposed to be at the school to decorate which means that summer doesn’t officially end for me until 11:59 pm on July 31st.


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