I put a few decorations up in the boys bathroom this week. I love the sign above & I put it on the wall as you walk out the door as a reminder to have a good attitude. You can have a bad attitude & a bad day or a good attitude to turn around your bad day!
The bathroom theme is sports so I found another sign at my beloved Hobby Lobby that they needed.

This is more of a reminder for me & any adult. Dealing with life’s issues doesn’t get easier, you just figure out how to do life better. 
If I was where I started knowledge wise about ulcerative colitis four years ago when I was diagnosed, I would still be with a bad doctor who wouldn’t let me try to control a flair up with prednisone & just said, “I guess we’ll just have to remove your colon!” Instead, I grew in my knowledge of the disease & advocated for my own health. I found a new doctor who said he would never remove my colon unless it was the absolute last resort, and I still have my colon! I have found an infusion, after trying weekly injections, that seems to be working wonders on the nasty colon. I have found a oral medicine that helps the infusion to do its job. So, I think that sign is good for me. It reminds me that there’s still more to learn & I can make a difference in my health & possibly someone else’s!


5 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. Oh my! I am sorry to hear about your health condition. Thankfully you took charge of the situation and get a better doctor. Hope that everything is manageable now. Much love ❤


  2. Have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 30 years, (actually 31) and doctors were and still are not any help at all with it. Attitude is paramount, …. then you have the will and want to evaluate this yourself. I found I had to go herbal. Took a course and became much more knowledgeable and have very few bad flares and many less of the not so bad ones. One of the things I had to examine is what I ate before each flare, coupled with what stress was attacking during that onset time. You will be surprised what a daily food and stress diary will tell you.


      1. Herbalist course. I am able to take only a handful of chemical meds anymore. I rely mainly on Diet and Herbs (most of which I grow). My main issue is with Tryptophan … poultry and eggs are loaded with it. Bugs me because I love Turkey and Chicken. Stress will get to me as well. It took over a year to finally get #1 a diagnosis and another several months to nail down the main issue that causes it. All during that time I kept a log of diet and actions, where I went, how much sleep I was able to get … just wound up committing my life to paper until I found out what I could and couldn’t do. It was worth the effort.


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