Here I Go Again

Well, here I am again with my IV in & iron a drippin’. Yes, I’m Texan and we punctuate our words just like that, drippin’, sippin’, lovin’, kickin’, sleepin’. Good gracious does a saline flush taste nasty! They wouldn’t have to flush the line if I could sit still but they don’t know that a mother of two boys rarely sits still. Especially with an almost two year old that loves to act like Bam Bam with a bat & throw balls over the neighbors fence & a six year old who loves to swim in his pool and race.
I have been able to tell some difference since my first iron infusion last week. I have gotten some extra cleaning done & I’ve managed to work on decorating the house a little more. We have lived there a year now so I figured it might be time to decorate some. I also painted Jaxson’s baseball drawers. I started that project last year & I think I’m almost finished.

Health changes & one that women tend not to like, I have to shave daily now. When my iron is extremely low, I don’t need to shave but once every few weeks. Just since last week it’s become a daily occurrence. Ugh, the bad with the good! Now if my hair will get thicker & longer I will love iron infusions forever!

I love my ‘Gut it Out’ shirt supporting the CCFA (Chrones & Colitis Foundation). I need a ‘Girls Have Guts’ shirt now! With every trial I face with my oh so unpredictable health, I know that I will gut it out & keep on movin’, keep on lovin’, studying, teaching, coaching, mommying, wifing & all the other things I fit into this crazy life we live.


6 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

  1. Dear IM, surely your cell has an app for that and, perhaps with a timer. That way, you can just get a month’s supply at a time, and set-it and FORGET IT! Wouldn’t things be great mix life would work that way.

    Perhaps your little one can use a playmate. We can send Spiderman, our 3 1/2 year old grandson, over from South Florida. But, he’ll bring his own version go LegoLand with him.

    Hoping to read the post that, one day, will show you cutting the IV cord, IM.

    Take care.

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  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for ‘liking’ my blog. Try the low level laser therapy, LLLT, too. You never know….it may help. I hope you will find some long-term relief!
    Please enable other people living with chronic pain to be aware of my blog (via Facebook, etc) if you think it might help them too, with possible pain management treatments to try.
    Sabina Walker
    Pain Matters blogger (in WordPress)


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