Iron Skillet

I may or may not be putting off writing a response paper for my invisible literacies seminar due this week 😉
In my search for the balanced iron diet, I found some thought provoking information about the good ole iron skillet. You know the skillet, the one grandma used to fry chicken in or bake some amazing cornbread.

The iron infusion nurse was asking me last week what all I’ve tried to help my iron come up. After telling her about numerous supplements I’ve tried from pill form to liquid (yuck) iron to diet changes she asked if I ever cook in a cast iron skillet. She informed me that this was an easy way to get iron into your diet. So I decided to research & low & behold, there’s actually research supporting her tip. Research from Columbia University showed that food is basically infused with the iron from the skillet & acidic foods sometimes absorb more than non-acidic. This is good to know for the times I do fry but I wonder if regular meals that I cook in a skillet could be cooked in my iron skillet. Sounds like I need to try it out!


2 thoughts on “Iron Skillet

  1. Sometimes lower iron in a blood panel has its origin in ABSORPTION rather than iron intake. One such example would occur if there is a problem with intrinsic factor production in the stomach. If possible, find the ROOT CAUSE of the deficiency. If you aren’t consuming enough sources of iron it is also likely a deficiency (with or without symptoms) exists for other nutrients.
    Just a heads up for you.

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