Iron Mom

So the day has finally come, after several years of being iron anemic because of colitis…iron infusion #1. It looks like watered down blood! I don’t really care what it looks like though as long as it makes me feel fabulous! 
I don’t know what impact it will have or if I’ll have side effects but I do know, it has to make some difference. It’s hard to be tired all the time, even with a nap midday. Maybe it will make me superwoman who wants to clean house all the time. My hubs can only hope! Maybe it will give me the energy to complete some art projects that have been gathering dust or at least give me the energy to dust them off 😄 

I’m just hoping for feeling like a human being! A human being that can play with her little boys and still have the energy to adult. I love that word/phrase…”to adult”. I agree with some of the pictures on Facebook. Adulting is hard sometimes but the alternative isn’t in my cards!

This should read “Iron because adulting is hard”


9 thoughts on “Iron Mom

  1. Here’s to extra energy for you for the kids and the art projects, and, if you want, the cleaning, but eh, I hope you will win the lottery and get a maid because kids and you come first! : )

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  2. Awwww ….I hope this works for you …it’s bloody awful feeling tired out …don’t beat yourself up about it tho …sending you a hug across the ether …thanks for the ‘follow’ …it’s a mutual:)

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  3. Iron Mom (or IM), just remember that whatever an IM can do today, they certainly can do them later, or tomorrow. Now, that doesn’t apply to little kids (“kiddiedoos”, as my sister used to say).

    But, be sure to take care of yourself; because, you’re the one who can do that best.

    Hopefully, you’ll keep sending these post cards from the edge. Stay well!

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  4. Wishing you healing and good health! Having experienced chronic shingles for ten years I understand the feeling of exhaustion! (I’ve been in remission for that length of time, and just recently experienced an episode.)

    Thanks so much for the follow!

    Blessings and peace!


  5. Being a mum is can be rewarding, fun and tiresome…i know how that feels. Find time to be an adult and just take off to give yourself a few minutes of treat…silence that you can manage. Thanks for the follow. Delighted to meet you.


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