Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Ready or not, here I come! I’ve decided to start my masters degree because having a relaxing summer just isn’t on the agenda or is it? Have you ever known someone who can’t just be, they’re always pushing themselves for whatever reason. It’s comforting to have a challenge in front of me. It’s not that I’m not satisfied with life because I have an amazing life & I love the season which God has given me. I just have to keep pushing myself. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! If I stop, I fear my health would get the better of me.



I graduated in 2005 from Texas Tech with my bachelors in sociology but that wasn’t enough. I decided to make a complete profession change in 2011 & finished up my teaching certificate in 2012. I have been a busy bee ever since so why not add more to my plate!

My first class started Tuesday online through Texas Tech & I’m already wondering what I got myself into! Every time I crack my book, I hear a cry from Luke or a scream from Jaxson. My time management skills will definitely have to develop….soon! If those could overtake my procrastinating skills, I’d be cooking with gas!

So my goal, because you have to have some kind of direction in life, is to graduate in May of 2018 with my M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction.