What to do?

I just had a hot cup of coffee! I mean a full cup, not just the first few sips like when I’m at school or at home making sure the boys have breakfast or all their clothes on or are playing nice together. The reason for my full cup of joe is my sweet husband gave me the day off. I am enjoying getting to have some “me” time but to be honest, it’s hard. I know I can’t be the only momma who has a hard time with “me” time. The thought of “me” time is a fantasy that you may think sounds great but when it actually happens, there’s a little guilt for even wanting it & you have no clue what to do with yourself. 
Another problem is the quiet house. After watching “American Sniper” last night, I didn’t want to walk by the windows. I’m goofy! Then, I let Halle out before bed & when she got back inside, she was barking at something, no clue what. So I went to sleep a little unsettled. I’m already a worry wort so her barking at nothing when I’m home alone made me wonder if I needed the bat on the bed beside me. I’m apparently a chicken when Chad is not home at night. 
Now what to do since I survived the quiet night. Sleeping in is out of the question because I’m so used to getting up with the kiddos or to get to work. I have a hard time staying in bed because of body aches so laying around all day is out of the question.
I’m strongly considering a pedicure but that means getting ready & leaving the house. I could workout on the elliptical or plug in my yoga or Pilates video, but that takes energy. I could clean the house but yet again, I would need energy. Laundry, another energy needed option!
I have several things I want to do with my flower beds but that would require getting ready & going to Lowe’s.
I have several art projects around the house I need to finish like Jaxson’s dresser drawers from last summer or his last day of school shirt, which he needs on Friday.
So many options on what to do & yet, I can’t find the motivation for any of it. I’m hanging out with “The Kitchen” on Food Network, contemplating a relaxing bubble bath & some left over fried rice for lunch with a nap afterwards. Yes, I think that sounds like a plan!


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