Infusion #6

Infusion #6 was today. I have seen relief of a lot of symptoms on Entivyo. However, whether it’s stress relating to STAAR next week or just this nasty disease rearing its ugly head, I had to get my infusion a week early. My nurse told me today that the dr wants a colonoscopy to check to see how the innards look & to see if the medicine is working. Then she said something unpleasant. She said “if the medicine isn’t working, we may have to look at other options such as surgery”. 
I don’t know if surgery scares me so much because it’s so permanent or if it’s because it would completely change my life. The problem with surgery for this ole gal is that my colon is fully engaged. They can’t just take out a section & then I go on about my life. They will have to remove the whole colon because the whole thing hates me, not just a section & that means a bag. Whether permanent or temporary, I would have a hard time dealing with that. 

I’m just not up for surgery until I have exhausted every last medicinal & natural option I can find. I am only 33, surgery is not an option!


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