4 Years & Counting

Facebook memories pop up & usually have some very happy memories that bring a smile to my heart. Some of the fun ones this week were Jaxson learning to sit on the TV stand & being super proud of himself. Also pictures of Jaxson from six years ago that are adorable & a cute video of him singing into a brush, dancing to “I Love Rock & Roll”.
There is one not so fun memory that has popped up from four years ago & it was a game changer. It reminded me of the week I couldn’t get out of bed because of hpylori. Before or after, I’ve never missed that much consecutive work without a new baby to show for it. 

Without the RA medicine I was on at the time, Enbrel, I would have been able to more effectively fight hpylori & it might not have resulted in severe ulcerative colitis. They say one autoimmune opens you up to many others but for me, it was a stupid infection & medicine that caused the indefinite sentence to live with colitis. 
I’ve learned a few things throughout this four year journey.

-I am absolutely stubborn. I am where my children get their hard headedness from but that’s not a bad thing, for them or me. 

-I’m a lot more fun when I feel good, according to my husband.

-It’s very boring to have to watch what you eat!

-I hope, with every sense of my being, that my babies aren’t cursed with either disease.

-I am not lazy, I’m flaring! My husband more than makes up for this with his extraordinary house cleaning skills.

This journey will teach me a lot! This summer I’m starting my masters degree so my stubbornness should pay off. I’ll let you know how it goes.