Happy Easter Ya’ll!

I love any excuse to get together with my family! I wish they lived next door so I could see them all the time. Hey, we could have a whole block of town where we can all live so we won’t miss a thing in each other’s lives. 

So I might be a little crazy sometimes but really, I love it when my parentals visit. My dad is always up for a good discussion about sports or coaching. Mom is extremely helpful with anything I need and loves on my babies every chance she gets. It just so happens that she was a huge help to Chad as he put together our new bazillion piece playset for the boys. I love you guys & I’m thankful for whatever occasion brigs us together.
Resurrection Sunday just happened to be that reason.

The sermon at church was awesome today but the reverend said something I had probably thought of but put on the back burner. “Why is our excitement for the resurrection only on Easter Sunday?” Jesus wasn’t just crucified on the cross for one days worth of sins so why is our thankfulness & excitement only one day out of the year. Be excited that you serve a risen lord & you only need his salvation to punch your ticket to heaven everyday of the year.

This wonderful resurrection is the reason we got a good family picture today. Why are holidays the only time I get family picks?! I also got the boys new outfits & they looked o so handsome along with their daddy. Jaxson sang with the children’s choir at church today & they sang awesome! We came home to a delicious lunch with my parents, Chad’s mom & my uncle.  

The snow on the ground didn’t stop the Easter Bunny from hiding eggs all throughout the house so the boys had fun hunting eggs together. 

  I’m pretty sure Luke’s basket weighed almost as much as him. 
This master egg hunter got 90% of the eggs. He did awesome (& I’m glad Luke couldn’t have cared less).

I was sad to see my parents go but hopefully we can plan a trip to see them soon. 

With another Easter Sunday gone, I am going to challenge myself to keep today’s excitement all throughout the year!


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