Hubby to the Rescue

With my hubby’s permission, I write this post. After two days of spring breaking in Oklahoma City, I have come to the conclusion that I married a superhero. He comes to my rescue so many times and tries to be understanding of my gut and arthritis situation. I know that has to be hard because he doesn’t have any autoimmune issues so it’s not something he has first hand knowledge of dealing with.
We were at the Oklahoma Aquarium having a snack when I had to go. Without even thinking, he just kept feeding the boys and took over for me. It made me think of the countless number of times this disease has made me absentee in our daily lives. There are so many times that he has to jump in and be daddy-to-the-rescue! 

Typically when we get to a place, be it home or a store, I usually have to make a run for it and daddy has to get the babies out of the car and into wherever we’re headed. Another lovely situation is eating. It doesn’t matter what I’m eating or where we’re eating it, something about it triggers the gut and you guessed it, he’s left with the boys or entertaining the company, should we be at home with family or friends. On trips, when I run into a gas station, he’s left in the car with a crying 19 month old and listening to whatever videos our six year old happens to be watching. 
Most recently, we were at the Oklahoma Science Museum and he ended up entertaining the boys with exhibits while I lingered close to any bathroom I found. Kudos to the museum for having numerous bathrooms for me to choose from. 

I completely forgot to mention how helpful he is around the house. There’s days when getting out of bed is a chore and he takes care of the house, the boys and let’s me relax. He’s also a yard man and somehow that always looks perfect too. It must be tiring to be him! He also does laundry and cleans, man what a deal! Without him our house would be in shambles!

I know I owe him big time if I’m ever normal again. I am very thankful to have found him because he provides me the piece of mind in knowing that if I have to run, he’s there to take care of us. My mom tells me every chance she gets how lucky I am to have found the complete package and I am a pretty lucky gal. I love you honey and appreciate all that you do very much!  



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