No Restroom Establishmemts


I was at a local business with Big Time today trying to get us a delicious snack of gourmet popcorn when it hit & I couldn’t wait. I asked if there was any chance I could use their restroom, knowing it was likely only for employees but hoped that she could see the desperate look on my face. She must have missed the look because she said that the restroom was not open to the public so I didn’t argue & just hoped that she would be lightning fast at running my card so I could go. 
On my way home I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that this situation had occurred last fall in Red River. My husband & I were with the boys in the Christmas store, which I’m sure has a name but I don’t know it, when it hit. I asked if they had a restroom & the cashier said it was off limits to the public but that I could walk all the way across the park to the community center for a restroom. Now looking back I think I was talking to the owner. I’m very glad it wasn’t an emergency but I felt the need to impart an idea on her. I told her that I was sick with severe ulcerative colitis & it would be great if they would consider putting in a public restroom for people with severe IBD conditions. She asked what IBD or colitis was, so I told her & she said that she would defiantly think about adding a restroom for her customers.

I hope she really does consider this add on because I prefer to frequent stores that I can feel comfortable shopping in. Hearing, “no ma’am, we don’t have a public restroom” equals not shopping there again. 


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