Summer Come On!

I’ve decided that cold weather is my enemy. While my rheumatologist tries to get me on some type of medicine that will provide relief for my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, I walk around hunched over like I’m 80 and have a hard time picking up my baby. We have warmer temperatures coming at the end of the week so I can’t wait to see if it makes a difference.

Why? You may ask is my JRA so bad right now. In October of last year I started what is supposed to be my cure all for my ulcerative colitis. While it has worked wonders for my ailing gut, it does not treat my JRA. At the time that I started Entivyo, I stopped taking Humira which I had been on for four years. I never realized my arthiritis was so bad, like not want to get out of bed bad but your back hurts too bad to lay there any longer! As I got further out from my last shot, my JRA got worse and worse to the point of cantaloupe sized knees full of inflammation and fluid and severe neck and back pains. I tried methotrexate to no avail so I’m now giving another med a shot, which I can’t remember the name for. It’s semi working but I really think my best days are the warm days because the heat keeps your joints from freezing up. Come on summer!!!!!!

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