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Catch 22

Exercise is tough but so rewarding! I really do believe that autoimmune suffers really should get some type of exercise daily but here’s my catch 22. I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and my hips & back hurt frequently. Exercising does not seem to help the pain but I know research shows it’s supposed to help reduce symptoms of JRA. Another catch, there’s very few cardio exercises I can do without having to go to the bathroom while exercising.

I used to try to run & that was a fail. The bouncing helped with an unintentional colon cleanse & I never really accomplished any cardio. I have tried workout videos & I would say that was more of a coordination problem than a UC problem. I’m just not cut out for aerobics. I’ve given plain jane walking a shot but can’t get too far away from the house just in case I need a bathroom.

So my husband & I decided to buy an elliptical a friend was selling for cheep. We’ve both been using it several times a week & I have to say that it is a better option for some cardio. My knees are still fluid filled from my last JRA flair up so that hurts. I can’t go as long as I used to pre-babies, boy is this momma out of shape, but I am giving exercise a shot & I hope it helps.


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