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Wreck It Ralph Arms 

After looking at a few recent pictures, I have discovered some disturbing news. I have Wreck It Ralph Arms! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! How can this be? I never thought in a bagillion years that putting back on the weight I lost while I was sick would look like this!


See the resemblance? Bwahahahahaha!


So, what you ask, do I propose to do about this arm issue?


Well, summer is coming so I’ll have extra time around the house to get active. I have already started trying to walk 3 times a week. I enjoy walking the boys to the park which is 1/3 of a mile directly to the park. To add some mileage, or steps, we take a few blocks out of the way, despite the grumbles of my crew, and it totals approximately a mile. Calories burned, yay!


So back to the arm issue. I like taking pictures but I will be hiding those Wreck It Ralph arms until they are toned. It’s strange, when your rail skinny you don’t have to worry about anything except how bony you look but when you put the weight back on, you have a different set of worries.


I found this workout on


30 Day Arm Challenge, Arm Fat Workout at Home Without Weights - Do this 30 arm fat challenge workout to lose arm fat for for good!

Welcome to your new challenge! Give it your best shot and if you miss a day, pick right up where you left off. The best exercise routines are full of trial and error.

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Water Logged

I do not drink enough water. That is all!

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Jk, you know me better than that! I don’t drink enough water but I’m trying because I know I need it. I have Sjögren’s disease. My main symptom is extreme dry eye. So extreme that I had to stop wearing contacts when the eye dr told me that my blood vessels were started for tears and would grow over the edges of my contacts causing my eye’s to be irritated and red pretty much all the time. Even the contacts for super dry eyes did nothing to help so I became a full time classes wearer. I like to think it makes me look smarter!


Drinking plenty of water is by no means the quick fix for my eyes but I can tell a definite difference between them when I’m getting plenty of water and when I’ve been slacking. The proper amount of water depends on your weight.



Courtesy of Journey to a Fit Mom

You and I have learned since we were knee high to a grass hopper that water is healthy but here’s a few reasons why:

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I have tried various different challenges to try to find my way in the water drinking world. The best that I have found comes from 30 Day Challenges Online.

30 Days of Water

As you know, I am a teacher, and finding the time to stop and guzzle water is not always a luxury I experience. Come to think of it, its actually not the guzzling that is the problem, its finding a second to run to the restroom!


A good schedule that has been working for me:

20 oz (or one Dasani bottle) when I am getting ready in the morning. I try to drink it all before my first sip of coffee because after that, it’s a struggle from there.


Some days, that bottle is all that I can count on but other days, when I truly focus on the bottle…no, not that bottle…get your mind right! When I truly focus throughout the day on that little bottle of goodness, I can fit it all in.


My next water session is just before lunch because, by then, my coffee well has run dry. (insert sad face 😦


I drink approximately, depending on which bottle I refilled that morning, 11 oz atleast 30 mins before lunch. My favorite bottle to reuse is a large Fiji bottle because I only need two full Fiji’s a day and it makes me think of the beach and bikins’ and then it reminds me to drink water. Weird, I know!


I know some of you may be judging because plastic isn’t supposed to be reused because of whatever toxins they claim come out of the plastic. Here’s the deal, I get plenty of toxins walking outside, talking on my phone, using my microwave. I’m pretty sure they’ll get me before the bottle toxins will. Just sayin’!


During lunch with my crazy co-workers, I drink another 1/3 of my Fiji bottle which is another 11 oz. At this point, in my day, I am halfway through my prescribed water intake. Yay me!!!


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So, the rest of the day can be smooth sailing or crash and burn depending on if I make a stop at Toot N Totum on the way home. I usually can fight the urge for a tea or coke, mainly because I don’t have cash on me. I get mad at myself when I use my debit card to buy a drink, just one drink, for $1.88 so I try to resist. When I am successful at resisting the devil, I consume the rest of my Fiji bottle, 11 oz, on my way to pick up the little one’s up from school.


Yay, so by now I have had 53ish oz of water. It’s time to cook supper and sip on, you guessed it, more water! I refill my Dasani bottle for this one and then drink it with supper. When that bottle is finally gone, I have consumed 73 oz of water, just a little less than half my body weight.


I do try to take into account that I need more water if I have caffeine throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is 8 for 8. If I drink 8 oz of anything other than water, I try to consume an additional 8 oz of water, almost like flushing the system.


On days that I don’t get close to my goal, I can tell. My eyes are itchy, my skin feels scratchy and my throat will hurt. I think there’s hidden body responses to tell you that your not acting right and I’m trying to learn to be still and listen. After you’ve gone through severe gut problems, learning to listen to your body is the absolute best healing factor I have found.


After you have listened to your body, DRINK MORE WATER!

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After 3 weeks of waiting on my insurance company to complete some stupid new preauthorization for a medicine that I have been on for a year & a half (grrrrrrr), my infusion day has arrived! 

I know there’s red tape everywhere but why does insurance have to cause delays that affect my gut? Shouldn’t they be proactive about new preauthorizations instead of reactive, especially when they changed the paperwork & not my doctor? Just my thoughts as I sit here hoping that my daily fevers will go away & that Entivyo works it’s usual magic in my gut.

As I sit here in Texas Oncology listening to the conversations going on around me I have decided that I am selfish. 
I hear one little boy is asking his grandpa for cartoons on tv instead of the morning news.
An older lady is telling her adult daughter, who’s leg is bouncing up & down with nervousness, that it’s just one stick & then it will be ok. 
The couple behind me is talking about what the next step is because the chemo treatments may not be working. 
I feel down right selfish right now. I was so upset that my infusion was 3 weeks late which, in the world of bilogic medicine, means that my body can begin to produce antibodies to the medicine & it may stop working. I feel selfish because there are so many people that I see in this room who are just hanging onto life, hoping that their chemo will keep them alive to see another day.
Sometimes, somedays God gives us small reminders that there’s more to life than anything we’ve got going on. Then some days he gives us emotional, heartbreaking pushes to change our hearts & minds. Today was a heartbreaking reminder to care about others & stop thinking of myself. 
My gut vs someone’s life are by no means an equal comparison so I prayed for a cure for cancer (long shot, I know, but God is a big and mighty God) & that all those in the room would feel God’s peace wherever they’re at in their fight for life. 

I still don’t like the needles & getting stuck several times for one successful IV is not my idea of a good time but Entivyo has been the miracle my colon so desperately needed. In June I will hit the 5 year mark since my diagnosis. Remembering the first three & a half years of prednisone driven life with several unsuccessful medications makes me beyond thankful for the last year & a half of Entivyo bliss! 

 Some days your the inspiration & some days, you’re the inspired! Either way, you can change the world!

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I ❤️ Fitbit Challenge Diamonds

When I am working my way through a Fitbit challenge in Yosimete or NYC, I love to pick up & screenshot all the diamonds along the way. If you don’t have a clue what the crazy sparkle lady is talking about, you have to get a Fitbit……today! They’re awesome!!!!!

Here’s a few diamonds I found on my phone….

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Bring Sally Up

I know last months target area was getting rid of flabby thighs so it’s time to move on but I was introduced to a new, fun way, to do those horrible, torturous, thigh melting squats that we all love to hate!

Moby’s song Flower (aka, Bring Sally up) reminds me of Gone in 60 Seconds, the first DVD I bought after I won a DVD player my senior year. I love the beat of that song but never would have used it to workout. Someone genius took it & made a squat challenge out of it.

On The Running Bug, you will find all the instruction & even a instructional video to help get the squat challenge started off right.

Below is the Week 1 schedule:

Saturday & Sunday are rest days as well as Wednesday.

Word to the wise, don’t try to squat the whole song on the first day. You might walk away with jello-ey legs & the desire to not ever do it again!

Do t you ever forget, working out doesn’t have to be boring to work. Find something you enjoy & get it done!

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Remote Control Workout

Don’t be a skeptic!
Try something new whether you found it on Pinterest or this crazy sparklewithuc lady told you about it!

I have a very hard time sticking with one workout because I’m always finding something else that I want to try. 
I know you have a DVR & your absolute favorite shows are recorded, possibly the entire season of them. My go-to’s are The Pioneer Woman, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, The Kitchen or Big Bang Theory. Ok, stop judging my shows. I can’t lie, I ❤ food!!!!
Speaking of food, if you are anything like me, and most people are, you would lose weight if you could just burn the calories that come from the non-fruit, non-vegetable & non-lean meats that you consume daily. Easy? Not so much! 
So this workout is brought to you by the crazy about Food Network sparkly momma for those who want to burn some worthless calories today.
Click on your tv & find that perfect episode of The Pioneer Woman (or your show). Whatever cardio you choose, you will do while the show is on. During the commercial breaks, you will do abs, arms & legs.
A workout breakdown would look like this:
5 mins of elliptical work
5ish mins of abs (crunches, side planks, sit ups, heel touches, leg raises, etc).
Your show is back on so 5 mins of elliptical work (add resistance, go backwards, sprint & steady pace alternating).
Commercial break so 5 mins of arms (tricep curls, bench press, bicep curls, side raises, front raises, etc). I have 3.5lb weights. You think 3.5lbs won’t do anything. It will & you’ll want more! 
What will probably be the last chunk of your show is back on. For 5 more mins, keep a steady (not slow but not sprint) pace on the elliptical which will put your heart rate at a steady fat burn heart rate.
Commercial break 3 is spent working on your legs (squats, burpees, mountain climbers, sumo squats, wall sits, calf raises, etc).
I like the word, etcetera today!
Continue alternating reps as long as your show is on. 
For a crazy big workout plan, choose an hour long episode of your fave show. That workout plan would look much the same but a lot longer. You would repeat the cardio, strength reps until your show is over. 
Who knew tv could give you such a fabulous workout!

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‘Tis the Season

It is track season and in my world that means late nights outside with more steps than I usually track in a week of any other sports season. So the light clicked on this week in my quest for thinner thighs.



It’s time to get tougher and more serious about my goal. Since 2-a-days started in August of 2016, I have gained 22lbs. I needed to gain my sick weight back but I should have done it healthfully, like, toned and worked out while doing it. What is left is some flab and a much healthier body that doesn’t fit in any of my clothes.


Everyone around me reminds me that it is better than my low weight around 112 in 2012 but it is still hard on the psyche to have no clothes, except sweats, that fit properly.


In lieu of our thigh toning this week, I’m working on a cardio leg toning mix with the dreaded bleacher!!!


Look at those calves. There’s motivation right there! #goals

So, I had the kids running bleachers one day during workout and thought, that looks fun, I’ll give it a shot. The first 3 or 4 were pretty easy, a little heavy breathing but not too bad. As I continued to work while the kids continued their workout, knocking the ups and downs out to get to my goal got a little bit harder. It was burning and no amount of rest in between helped so I just put it out of my mind and ran. By the time I finished 10 up and downs, my legs were shaking and walking was a chore but I had done it. Something that I have not attempted since bleacher days in high school and I didn’t ever think I would have the desire to EVER do again.


The desire came back the next day. I did it again, a little sore, but I did it. I have to admit, the bleachers looked more like this that day so it took at little more mental coaching to get it done but I feel better about myself and that maybe I can get in some kind of shape again. I want to get in shape, not necessarily lose weight. The clothes fitting is my goal but I just want to be healthy whatever size I am.


So the moral of the story here…..

  • Try what you don’t want to.
  • Don’t be afraid to change up your workout to see better results.
  • & Enjoy your youth kids! Time is warp speed the older you get.


This weeks workout is courtesy of Jar of Lemons.