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Wreck It Ralph Arms 

After looking at a few recent pictures, I have discovered some disturbing news. I’m getting older and I didn’t even notice! No, just kidding, my knees have noticed!


I have actually discovered that I have Wreck It Ralph arms which is convenient since the boys favorite movie is about “old ham hands himself”! If I have confused you, get in touch with your inner child and watch Wreck It Ralph.


AHHHHHHHHHHHH! How can this be? I never thought in a bagillion years that putting back on the weight I lost while I was sick would look like this!


See the resemblance? Bwahahahahaha!


So what, you ask, do I propose to do about this arm issue?


Well, summer is coming so I’ll have extra time around the house to get active. I have already started trying to walk 3 times a week. I enjoy walking the boys to the park which is 1/3 of a mile directly to the park. To add some mileage, or steps, we take a few blocks out of the way, despite the grumbles of my crew, and it totals approximately a mile roundtrip. Calories burned, yay!


So back to the arm issue. I like taking pictures with my precious family but I will be hiding those Wreck It Ralph arms until they are toned. It’s strange, when your rail skinny you don’t have to worry about anything except how bony you look but when you put the weight back on, you have a different set of worries.You have to worry about exactly which part of the body the needed weight decided to pack onto and it inevitably won’t be where you really needed it like, your back or your wrists.


I found this workout on Femnique.com.


30 Day Arm Challenge, Arm Fat Workout at Home Without Weights - Do this 30 arm fat challenge workout to lose arm fat for for good!

Welcome to your new challenge! Give it your best shot and if you miss a day, pick right up where you left off. The best exercise routines are full of trial and terror, I mean error. Workouts don’t have to be your enemy so strap up your laces and bring your sparkle back.

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I ❤️ Fitbit Challenge Diamonds

When I am working my way through a Fitbit challenge in Yosimete or NYC, I love to pick up & screenshot all the diamonds along the way. If you don’t have a clue what the crazy sparkle lady is talking about, you have to get a Fitbit……today! They’re awesome!!!!!

Here’s a few diamonds I found on my phone….

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Bring Sally Up Thigh Toning Workout

Fun inner thigh workout, more affectionately known as a squat, sounds like you also might enjoy a root canal without numbing meds! I mean, who actually likes the feeling (or lack of feeling) after you’ve done enough squats to feel like your legs might truly be done working for, well, EVER.


I am just not a pain hungry person so when I get all wobbly from squats and then I eventually have to stand up again sometime to feed tiny humans or give baths, I regret my decision to try to “reduce those thunder thighs”. Ugh, squatting down to give baths is when you discover how young you are not and how all those squats you used to do in high school didn’t get you in shape for old age at 34.


I know last months target area was getting rid of flabby thighs so it’s time to move on but I was introduced to a new, fun way, to do those horrible, torturous, thigh melting squats that we all love to hate!

Moby’s song Flower (aka, Bring Sally up) reminds me of Gone in 60 Seconds, the first DVD I bought after I won a DVD player my senior year. I love the beat of that song but never would have used it to workout. Someone genius took it & made a squat challenge out of it.

On The Running Bug, you will find all the instruction & even a instructional video to help get the squat challenge started off right.

Below is the Week 1 schedule:

Saturday & Sunday are rest days as well as Wednesday.


Word to the wise, don’t try to squat the whole song on the first day. You might walk away with jello-ey legs & the desire to not ever do it again!


Do t you ever forget, working out doesn’t have to be boring to work. Find something you enjoy & get it done!


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Remote Control Workout

Don’t be a skeptic!
Try something new whether you found it on Pinterest or this crazy sparklewithuc lady told you about it!

I have a very hard time sticking with one workout because I’m always finding something else that I want to try.
I know you have a DVR & your absolute favorite shows are recorded, possibly the entire season of them. My go-to’s are The Pioneer Woman, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, The Kitchen or Big Bang Theory. Ok, stop judging my shows. I can’t lie, I ❤ food!!!!
Speaking of food, if you are anything like me, and most people are, you would lose weight if you could just burn the calories that come from the non-fruit, non-vegetable & non-lean meats that you consume daily. Easy? Not so much!
So this workout is brought to you by the crazy about Food Network sparkly momma for those who want to burn some worthless calories today.
Click on your tv & find that perfect episode of The Pioneer Woman (or your show). Whatever cardio you choose, you will do while the show is on. During the commercial breaks, you will do abs, arms & legs.
A workout breakdown would look like this:
5 mins of elliptical work
5ish mins of abs (crunches, side planks, sit ups, heel touches, leg raises, etc).
Your show is back on so 5 mins of elliptical work (add resistance, go backwards, sprint & steady pace alternating).
Commercial break so 5 mins of arms (tricep curls, bench press, bicep curls, side raises, front raises, etc). I have 3.5lb weights. You think 3.5lbs won’t do anything. It will & you’ll want more!
What will probably be the last chunk of your show is back on. For 5 more mins, keep a steady (not slow but not sprint) pace on the elliptical which will put your heart rate at a steady fat burn heart rate.
Commercial break 3 is spent working on your legs (squats, burpees, mountain climbers, sumo squats, wall sits, calf raises, etc).
I like the word, etcetera today!
Continue alternating reps as long as your show is on.
For a crazy big workout plan, choose an hour long episode of your fave show. That workout plan would look much the same but a lot longer. You would repeat the cardio, strength reps until your show is over.
Who knew tv could give you such a fabulous workout!

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'Tis the Season

It is track season and in my world that means late nights outside with more steps than I usually track in a week of any other sports season. So the light clicked on this week in my quest for thinner thighs.



It’s time to get tougher and more serious about my goal. Since 2-a-days started in August of 2016, I have gained 22lbs. I needed to gain my sick weight back but I should have done it healthfully, like, toned and worked out while doing it. What is left is some flab and a much healthier body that doesn’t fit in any of my clothes.


Everyone around me reminds me that it is better than my low weight around 112 in 2012 but it is still hard on the psyche to have no clothes, except sweats, that fit properly.


In lieu of our thigh toning this week, I’m working on a cardio leg toning mix with the dreaded bleacher!!!


Look at those calves. There’s motivation right there! #goals

So, I had the kids running bleachers one day during workout and thought, that looks fun, I’ll give it a shot. The first 3 or 4 were pretty easy, a little heavy breathing but not too bad. As I continued to work while the kids continued their workout, knocking the ups and downs out to get to my goal got a little bit harder. It was burning and no amount of rest in between helped so I just put it out of my mind and ran. By the time I finished 10 up and downs, my legs were shaking and walking was a chore but I had done it. Something that I have not attempted since bleacher days in high school and I didn’t ever think I would have the desire to EVER do again.


The desire came back the next day. I did it again, a little sore, but I did it. I have to admit, the bleachers looked more like this that day so it took at little more mental coaching to get it done but I feel better about myself and that maybe I can get in some kind of shape again. I want to get in shape, not necessarily lose weight. The clothes fitting is my goal but I just want to be healthy whatever size I am.


So the moral of the story here…..

  • Try what you don’t want to.
  • Don’t be afraid to change up your workout to see better results.
  • & Enjoy your youth kids! Time is warp speed the older you get.


This weeks workout is courtesy of Jar of Lemons.


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Lazy Girl Thighs

That is soooooooooo right up my alley! It’s not that I’m completely lazy but by the time I get home from a 10 hour (sometimes 15ish hour) day, and get the house quiet for the night, I am flat out exhausted!!!

This weeks workout is courtesy of Christina Carlyle and I wanted to find something that I could do, literally, lying down.


Lazy Girl Thigh Workout:


Make sure you are alone when you do the first exercise! You will look pretty funny trying to get the mechanics down.


You should be in week 3 of your thigh slimming challenge.

I wish you luck and lots of tightening thigh muscles this week! Stay strong and keep pushing!


Courtesy of The Workout Princess!


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Week 3 on your road to killer thighs!

Wow! This didn’t start out as a workout challenge but for me, it has become one. How many inches can I lose on these thighs before swimsuit season starts?!?!
The kicker is, don’t stop thigh workout when you start April’s muscle group. Build on it for a full body workout.


Image result for keep calm and get ready for swimsuit season


This week’s workout courtesy of the Livfitgirls.com.


The BEST exercises to target and tone every women's trouble spot -- the Inner & Outer Thighs! You will LOVE this workout!:


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Did you survive?

How did you do? Last weeks workout was pretty intense and not very time conducive to this busy momma. So, it was back to the drawing board for another workout that is more my speed. But first, pull out those tape measures and see if you lost any inches. Yay for you if you did!!!! If you didn’t, keep working!


Image result for you didn't put it on in a day, it won't come off in a day


Workout courtesy of blogilates.com.


Image result for thigh workout challenge


Now go squeeze those thighs and lose some inches!!!!!


Courtesy of The Workout Princess!

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Today is not so much about Entivyo infusion #11 going in but about the small successes in my health.

My blood dr showed me the various different iron reports that I’ve had since July 2016. I started with a 72 & it has steadily increased since my 2 Injectifer iron infusions last July. My current iron level is 88 which, according to doc, is absolutely perfect!

2 things that number means. 

1. My gut has healed dramatically since Entivyo infusion #1 on my birthday in October 2015. When a colitis patient is flairing, they lose blood, sometimes in small traces & sometimes in large amounts. In my case, it was a combination of trace & large amounts over an extended period of time. 
When I do something, I do it big!!!!! 
Over time the blood cells shrank & my iron production dropped. Once the iron infusions kicked in, the circumference of my blood cells grew increasing my iron levels to the perfect level it is today!

2. Iron makes all the difference in my world. 

* I have energy to play with my boys that I didn’t have at this time last year. 

* I have reached (& exceeded) the amount of weight I needed to put back on after my year long flair. 

* I don’t feel like I need a morning & afternoon nap everyday, just on the weekends & only because I like snoozing with the baby man & not because I’m falling down exhausted. 

*We just finished basketball season & im ready for track without feeling like I need a break. 

*I feel like exercising again & I try to do something active daily. 
I could go on & on about how I have drastically improved but I’ll let pictures do some talking.

January 2016

January 2017


My face is fuller! My skin has color to it, without being out in the sun! I see more energy in my eyes or maybe a twinkle of orneriness! I just look (& feel) so much more human!

I didn’t get sick over night. Well, actually, the HPylori that brought out the colitis was fast acting but the disease itself has been ongoing since 2012. To think realistically, it has taken more time to heal than it did to hit the bottom. I remember Chad asking me one day when I was weak & bone skinny if I was dying & he was very serious. Slowly over time, I have healed & this phrase rings true. 

It may not happen as fast as we want but God’s timing is always fabulous! I like to think I can sparkle even in the dark times but God is the one who makes the sparkle shine in the dark.

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Workout wednesday

My best day yet with my new Fitbit was Monday. I met my step goal, my stair goal & my calorie goal.

The only reason all those goals were met was the “fat burning” heart rate that I maintained while pacing the sideline of a way too close volleyball game I coached. I love my players but I don’t like games to be so close, especially two weeks in a row!

Exercise advice this week: get it in anyway you can whether it’s coaching a volleyball game and pacing like a lunatic or using the elliptical for thirty minutes. I’ve even go so far as to walk around our very big backyard just to get some exercise in. I still have some psychological issues with walks around the neighborhood withou a bathroom available. Crazy, I know, but the backyard works!

Happy exercising!