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Howdy y’all!

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No news to you but adulting is hard! Factor in autoimmune disorders (yep, multiple ones) & I can have some uber tough days. Sometimes you just need the encouragement to sparkle in the dark, shine despite the whine or maybe smile for someone else ’til they find their own again. Sometimes your the diamond & sometimes your the rough but just know you’re not alone. You have found a place to share your heart & soul!

I have learned over time that the phrase “fake it til you make it” rings so true for any situation in life, not just illness. I hope my little nuggets of love hit a place in your heart that needed some healing. Feel free to look around. I have many health posts but also mix in inspirational messages along with life goings on.

I am a wife and mother to 2 rambunctious little boys. I am a teacher and coach in Texas and love working with kids. As crazy as life sounds, I added a little more spice by starting my masters degree & am already ready to graduate! Fingers crossed, I will graduate May of 2018 with my M.Ed. In Curriculum & Instruction.

My reason for this blog is doing all this life with autoimmune diseases. Some days are tougher than others but I choose not to let my severe ulcerative colitis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis rule my life. I hope this blog is helpful to those who struggle with the everyday and I can provide some help in dealing with these stupid diseases. Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go because your light can help others shine.





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55 thoughts on “My Story….

  1. I had no idea you dealt with all of this. Thanks for sharing your journey. I’m on a new journey of my own with Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve learned over the last 4 months that these things affect the entire family. Bless you and yours!

  2. Not many do know. Predisposed on both sides of the family. I’m working on it.

  3. My a1c was down from 8.8 in November to 6.5 in January. One day at a time.

  4. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. It’s nice to connect with you! I look forward to your posts. Take care, Jenny

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I’m a teacher in Texas as well! Whoop! ? I hope your summer has been great! We head back Aug 8th. I’m ready, yet not ready. I’m sure you get it. Congrats on starting your Master’s. I’m not sure how you do it and with two little ones, to boot! I’m happy to connect. Looking forward to more adventures!

    1. Good luck on your upcoming year! I’m ready to get back in a groove but man does a school morning come early! Thanks for the read & comment!

  6. Thanks for the ‘follow!’ We have some things in common. I, too, have an autoimmune disease. Hashimotos which is a thyroid disease. I was diagnosed at the end of 2012 and am in meds but I’m still always tired? And I also work with children. I used to work in Pre-K and Head Start but now am self employed providing affordable child care for families. Still just as busy, if not more, with 10 hour work days.
    I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better.
    Until next post, have a great day!?

  7. Hello there Sparkle,
    I first would like to say THANK YOU for your interest in my blog. I am glad to see you are a teacher. I’m a retired teacher. And hey, I love it. I also loved teaching but I’m glad to have it behind me. I now spend a great deal of my time writing…my NEW career! and yard work and trying to learn Japanese…my long-suffering and wonderful Japanese wife is my coach. And photography. I try to use my own photos in my blogs….

    So it’s good to know you and I want you to know that I think you are quite a woman. You keep that positivity going, okay! I’m definitely on your side.
    Thank you and I really like your blog!

  8. Nice of you to follow my blog. Thanks.
    It is always the drawbacks that bring the best of the human qualities.
    All the best.

  9. Hi and thanks for the follow! I’m also struggling with Lyme disease, so I’m looking forward to exploring your blog. Pleased to meet you, Marina

  10. IM, keep working on your dreams–M.Ed. and whatever else. When you let your diseases work against you, that’s giving up. And be philosophic about whatever it is that can get you down–or too tired to care.

    You’ve got the Eyes–and thoughts–of a lot of people–not just Texas–pulling for you.

    1. Sparkle, I visit from tim to time; but, I don’t normally7 leave Comments, since our basic blog themes are different. You truly are an inspiration to all those people who have to get-up each morning, and be there–for your three boys, and for yourself.

      Last night, I stayed up late reading and, before I went to bed, I checked-in to see if I had any Views on my blog. There were just a few, but, oddly enough, two visitors had read one particular post that I had written, back in June. Hmmm. Actually, it was a tremendous story from the Washington Post. I titled my post: “A Sad Story that Ended-Uo in a Good Place!”

      If you read it, be sure to also check the links:

  11. Thanks for visiting my website and blog. Several years ago I was diagnosed with leaky gut and low thyroid. I’m very health conscious and followed my doctor’s advice, including my restricted diet (No gluten, eggs or cow’s dairy) Also, took handfuls of doctor recommended supplements, that helped a little. My “miracle”, that seemed to accelerate the healing process in body into “hyper-drive” is the product I found and of which I am now a distributor. EVERYONE, young and old, can benefit from micronized purple rice. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it, but I was desperate.

    God bless you on your journey to good health and higher education, as well as, the greatest calling in the world- being a mother! I’m a Texas girl too, btw, but living in TN.

  12. Blessings on you! You certainly have plenty of opportunity to experience the reality that God’s grace is all we need. I’m honored that you have chosen to follow Virtual Vitamins. May the words I write be an encouragement to you, as I’m sure yours are to many.

  13. wow.. I have huge respect for people who are going through difficulties in life yet choose to still encourage and inspire other people despite of it all like you do here! I pray healing, strength and peace for you inside and out. May our loving God’s favor be upon you and your family. Keep sparkling! 😉 <3

  14. I’m trying to retain my sparkle as I can feel it slipping away. I wonder whether that means to change the path I’m on and or revisit things that made me happy. Prob both. Thanks for stopping by 😉 and sharing your journey with us

  15. Thank you for the add. My daughter dealt with UC as a teen but it has gotten better since her two children came along. so have an idea what you’ve had to deal with. Sending prayers your way. I look forward to reading your work.

  16. It’s great to see someone else living with more than one autoimmune diseases and achieving what they want to achieve despite being ill! You should feel so proud!. I have severe Ulcerative Colitis also as well as ANCA Associated Vasculitis with CNS involvement (Wegners Granulmaltosis/GPA) which was found when I had an episode of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis with Left Temporal Infract – Basically a blood clot on the brain with a heamorrage (which was caused by both GPA and Ulcerative Colitis as well as a blood disorder (Factor V Leiden). This caused stroke like symptoms and a form of epilepsy and left me under intensive care for more than a week with a 50/50 chance of survival. I am determined to get my life back on track and you are a real inspiration!

  17. I pray for everyday strength and victory for you! Also, blessings on your journey in the master’s program…it will be so rewarding when you finish!

  18. Thank you for following my blog! You’re on an amazing journey and your family look a ‘joy’.Take care, i’ll be back for more 🙂

  19. Those of us who deliver with autoimmune diseases (mine is from transplant meds) and other chronic illness have a different perspective to offer. Your blog title speaks to it. Be well and enjoy every day!

  20. Hi, and thanks for following my blog here. How’d you find me? I related to one of your posts, the one about iron, since I used to be low in iron. Someone suggested sublingual (under the tongue) iron supplements since they went right into the bloodstream and didn’t affect the stomach or digestion. Anyway, I’ll keep reading. Cheers!

  21. I am not struggling with anything myself, but I am a mom to a boy with hydrocephalus. It’s a definitely a journey with ups, and downs. Thank you for sharing your story. Love and prayers mama!

  22. I very much admire your spirit and gusto! Those are remarkable health conditions to live with, never mind being a parent, working and studying. Bravo!

  23. i love your positive approach to life and all you do. thanks for reading and following my blog, i look forward to doing the same. best, beth

  24. Sparkle, keep up all that you do, that you are and who you touch. I believe that we take a little pierce of whoever we meet, wherever we go and whatever we do. And each of us, in turn, leaves a little bit of ourselves, our goals, our dreams with all of those people and in all of those places.

    Keep it up!

    P. S. I don’t know about Texas; but, we certainly need a TP Activist in Florida. The state sales tax is imposed on Charmin, and the like, but not open luxury yachts and skyboxes.

  25. Thanks for following our blog, Oh, the Places We See. You and I have a lot in common since I was the mother of two boys and a teacher and principal for 30 years. Education is a great profession, and I miss being in the classroom to this day. Best wishes to you for finding time to do all you want to do — I’m still working on that! –Rusha

  26. Thanks so much for the follow! I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

    As for you and not letting anything stop you… YOU GO GIRL! ???

  27. My family is overflowing with autoimmune diseases, from asthma to coeliac disease, thyroid conditions to vitiligo. As you know, when you have one, you often contract more. Best of luck with managing your conditions and well done for sharing your stories and giving hope to others. Thanks for the follow. All the best 🙂

  28. Sparkle, thanks for touching my blog. I realize that our themes don’t match (as you noted); but, then I have only been writing mine for five years…well…next month. Frankly, I don’t even have a theme. Or, I forgot it. Senior moment, huh! But, it sure is good to get out, and look around.

    Keep been’ that ultimate Mom…which is really the best mom that you can be…for all three boys!

  29. Hello Sparkle!
    So happy to have come across your charming and encouraging blog.
    Reading your closing About line brought to mind this quote; perhaps you’ve seen it:
    “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” Albert Schweitzer

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