I Challenge You

I am not a New Years resolution kinda gal. It’s easy to say you resolve to change _______ &; if it doesn’t work out, oh well. No oh well, it’s my body & mind that’s affected so there has to be a better way, permanent way, to make changes in your life.
I love to challenge myself to a lot of different things. I challenge myself to walk more everyday or read more or get my masters degree (which will be a challenge met in May!) and there are a million other things that I have challenged myself to. The hardest to stick with deal with health.
Why is it so hard to stick with healthy changes when you know they are good for you?!?! You’re answer is probably better than mine because mine is time. There is never enough time in my day to do everything on my checklist, mainly because I forget what’s on my checklist until I lay down at night.
So this year, I challenge you & myself to stick with your healthy changes & to help you, I’ve included a few of my recent challenges.
1. Week 1 Challenge:
Drink more water! Drink 8oz or 1 bottle of water (whichever is most convenient) before you eat food or drink any beverage (coffee, coke, tea, etc). Sometimes water can quench hunger pains & if your truly hungry, water can fill your belly a bit so you can’t cram as much in.
2. Week 2 Challenge:
Instead of trying some fad, this week I want you to eat a serving size. Eat what you want but only a serving size & not the 2018 serving size but the 1998 serving size! If your not sure what a true serving size is, read labels carefully! Good luck this week & keep drinking your water along with your serving size adjustment!
It is not feasible to cut everything bad out of your diet because the bed stuff is so good! So, limit yourself to a serving. My arch nemesis is Girl Scout cookies! I lose all self control when I smell thin mints so a serving size is 4 cookies. Just stop with 4 & feel less guilt.
Notice the serving size difference from 20 years ago! Wow!
Use this quick guide for determining serving sizes. When in doubt shy towards the smaller side.
3. Challenge for week 3:
Walk! It’s easy to say you want to get healthy but you have to up your physical activity & burn calories. I had always heard that walking is a more effective exercise for fat loss because you keep your pulse at the fat burn level constantly so I tested this theory on my Fitbit & wow, it’s so true!
So, I challenge you to a 20min walk everyday. Why everyday & not 3 or 4 Days a week you may ask? You don’t just eat 3 or 4 Days a week, or atleast I don’t! So, get steppin’!!
4. Week 4 challenge:
Bread was not a staple on our table growing up. It was used for sandwiches or the occasional Italian meal of spaghetti or lasagna. I didn’t realize until I got out on my own how little bread we ate compared to the rest of the world. When I was working hard to gain back my sick weight I noticed myself eating more & more bread & it sure did the trick! I gained it all back plus some! So read up on breads effects on the body & ask yourself, am I eating too much bread???
This week I challenge you to go one week without bread, including donuts! Just because it has delicious frosting doesn’t mean it’s not bread 😉 If you can’t help yourself & just have to have that sandwich, limit you bread to a true serving size & actually count out your chips.
Nothing makes you want to have a healthy body more than an IV of medicine every 8 weeks!
I am very thankful that doctors created this medicine but I still pray for a complete cure one of these years & as I typed this I looked up to see this picture on the wall. The ultimate healer!
Good luck with your challenges & keep sparkling!!!
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