#15 & Not a Moment Too Soon

It feels like an eternity since my last infusion! Or since school started back! Or since I’ve talked to my sparkly community of fabulous support! The silence is probably very telling. Stress abounds as I near the middle of the fall semester for both my graduate classes & middle school kids. The kids just got a four day weekend but teachers don’t get a break until Thanksgiving & it can’t get here fast enough!

Stress is my (our) enemy & it seems like the pile of stink is never ending! What would the world be like without it? (The stress, not the stink) I would love to find out but it’s not gonna happen so the only option is to suck it up!

It has been 2 weeks shy of two years since I started Entivyo & what a difference it has made! The biggest of which is that I have not been on prednisone for my gut in 25 months! Ahhhhhhhh! That’s cause for celebration!!!!!!!

I have not seen my gastroenterologist since a checkup colonoscopy in June of 2016 to confirm the Entivyo was working. Not that I don’t absolutely love my gastro but the less I see of doctors, the better!

The doctor just found me in the infusion room to tell me that my blood numbers look good but my potassium is very low. I need to start a high(er) potassium diet so here’s a few foods that Dr. Axe recommends.

My new shopping list:

Avocados galore


Sweet potato

Dried apricots

Coconut water


Until next time, keep it sparkly!

Prayers go out to the Red Raider community #raiderpower