Vitamin C Blast Recipe

Summer cold or allergies dulling your sparkle? Chances are that you vitamin C intake has been lacking & you could use a giant pick me up! Here is one of my absolute favorite recipes to pack in my vitamin C. This is on my mind as our pollen count is on steroids & I’m ready for a winter freeze.

This beautiful mix of fruits and veggies  contains 292% of your daily value of vitamin C! What, whaaaaaaat!!!!!
Check out this post for why you should crave vitamin C!
I like to mix this up when I feel a cold coming on or my allergies are kicking my tail! I also find that it gives me a fabulous energy jolt if I drink it post cardio workout.

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I have had many people balk at my green mixes or whatever shade they might turn out that day. Then they smell it. Every one of them has walked away scratching their heads because the blast smells amazing! It has to with the aromatics of apples & strawberries. The point here is that people may look at you like they’d rather eat shoe leather than drink a blast but you know how delish it is.

I recommend you use the NutriBullet RX when you are making this recipe so that the nutrients are completely extracted by the blending process.


If Heaven has food, this is what my bed will look like.¬†It’s so fluffy and healthy! You can alter your spinach amount depending on how much room you have in the cup. Use no less than 1 cup of spinach per blast.



I found out very early on in recovering from ulcerative colitis flair ups that I do not break down iceberg lettuce without alot of pain so I switched to spinach. Spinach is without a doubt the only food that I can eat with absolutely no pain involved.


This particular grouping of ingredients completely fills the cup so make sure you tighten the lid extra tight to prevent spills.
In your cup, add:

  • 6 strawberries (minus the tops)
  • 2 small oranges (I use Halos)
  • 1/2 lg tomato
  • 1 cup spinach (packed)
  • 1 apple (red or pink are sweeter)
  • Water to the full line

You will be tempted to fill your cup with water to the top. Don’t do it! The water in your ingredients along with the water you added will overflow and be more likely to spew like a frozen and thawed out water bottle.


After the Nutribullet Rx has done its magic, carefully remove the lid as the liquid will drip off the blade when its removed. I drink directly from the cup but you can pour it into a fancier cup if you want to.


Make sure you drink your Vitamin C Blast and any other blast fairly quickly because you want to get the most out of the nutrients you just extracted. Think about an apple and how fast the air starts to turn it and that is about how fast you need to drink. So, go drink up and enjoy your Vitamin C Blast!


Ingredient List:


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  1. This looks delicious! My husband and I drink green smoothies every morning, and we sure notice a difference in how it makes us feel, and how often we get sick. We usually just do spinach, banana, and water, so your recipe looks much more tasty!

    1. It’s nice to hear from a fellow smoothie enthusiast! I have a few more of my fave recipes coming soon so check back with me.

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