Hi y’all! Today is infusion day!

I was thinking on the way here that coming to get an infusion is a necessary evil. Who wants to drive themselves to get an IV! Well, me!

Another thought that made me a little emotional last night was anxiety about what the dr would say. I have been more tired lately & I hoped that my blood count was good & there would be no problems that the dr would find. According to my dr, my blood count is still getting higher each visit & the diameter of my blood cells is still growing which he says helps when my body produces new blood. Yay, still on the upswing!

So, the last 8 weeks my gut has been good to me! It allowed me, without incidence, to take a group of students to Washington DC.
Arlington National Cemetery
The White House
Washington Monument
The Capitol

We had so much fun & learned a lot! Before Entivyo, this trip was full of looking for the next bathroom & hoping I didn’t have to make our coach pit stop. This trip, I focused on learning & fun (& of course, the kids).

This necklace is my infusion necklace. I have 2 like this. This one says “inspire” & my other says “blessed”. Maybe I should wear them both!

The definition of inspire is to  give somebody the urge to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspiring others doesn’t require big fancy words or a billboard. It just requires you to tell your story & keep steady in your journey! I hope you will continue following me through on my journey to keep kicking tail & sparkling in the face of Colitis!

I’m currently working on trying to grow and maintain healthy hair so keep up with my research about healthy hair foods in my Healthy Hair Vitamin Food series.

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  1. Inspirational! I’m so pleased you’re still improving blood-wise <3 and I totally love the artwork ( I especially love the 'keep calm' one) God bless you on your journey xx

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog! I’m also a teacher with UC, in remission knock on wood. I take Humira.

  3. Sparkle, were you at Robert E. Lee’s old family farm? The Arlington Cemetery was his old place, before he lost it, I guess, after The War.

    1. His house overlooks the Kennedy grave sites. We didn’t get to walk up the hill to see his house but that would have been interesting.

      1. Sparkie, its an Army Base. The Army Chief-of-Staff, and his key deputies live there. Fort Myers. I’m sure they don’t give tours!

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