Popsicles for Breakfast

Our typical summer day….


My hubs goes to work by 7:30ish so the boys and I wake up when my 2 year old decides to come cuddle with me. He doesn’t cuddle much without digging his feet in my side so we end up needing juice and Paw Patrol fairly quickly. I then make my first cup of coffee & I take one long, uninterrupted sip. If you’re a parent with a coffee addiction, you know this is the most glorious part of your morning!

Now, we are potty training currently & as I finish the first long drink I hear, “mommy, I gotta go potty right now!!!!!!” So the coffee cup gets set on the counter where it stays until baby boy has pottied and gotten dressed, eaten breakfast and I get him squared away with whatever his 2 year old fleeting interest is in at the moment. Back to my coffee only at this point it is now cooled coffee. Not so yum!

Next walks out Jax, my sweet 7 year old, who is self sufficient and doesn’t need potty help but we’re working on learning how to do chores so its time to make his bed, feed and water the dog and eat breakfast. Alas, after I change out a random load of laundry and filled up the swimming pool for the afternoon, I get to drink some very lukewarm, if not cold, coffee. Insert light bulb here! Instead of reheating my cup o joe I thought let’s make some popsicles.
Now, I know you think I’m crazy & I can’t change how you feel about my wacky ideas however, I can change how you enjoy your morning coffee if its going to get cold anyway.



Let me just tell you, frozen coffee pops are to die for! You know how you make your best cup of coffee with that perfect amount of your favorite creamer and just the right measurement of sugar? Well, when you don’t get to it in time to drink it hot, pour your perfectly made mixture into the ice cube tray. I have included pictures of my coffee making incase you wondered what my perfect cup looks like and for those who are visual learners.

Look at the time on the pot. I like to use my leftover coffee for coffee pops too! It makes me feel a little “zero waste”.

First things first, its time to make your pot of coffee. I know, I said pot! I am a little old fashion and only use my Keurig during the school year. I know on a normal day that a lukewarm cup of coffee can be revived if I have more coffee in the pot heating so I use a plain jane Mr. Coffee coffeepot to guarantee a chance at atleast a few sips of hot coffee throughout the morning.
I am quite partial to Folgers Simply Smooth Coffee. As a UC sufferer, I have trouble drinking any of the froo froo coffees, with Starbucks being a particular problem. It can guarantee a morning in the bathroom for me. The Simply Smooth is easy on my gut and has allowed my coffee addiction to thrive despite having UC.


I do enjoy a little coffee with my creamer! I try to measure out my creamer and sugar just so I know how many calories and grams of sugar I had that morning. I use 3 tbsp of fat free creamer. My particular favorite is french vanilla but various flavors will make your popsicles feel a little more fancy.

I hope your ready for the most difficult step! Pour your coffee blend into an ice cube tray. Place syran wrap over the top and make sure it is wrapped tight so your toothpicks will stand tall.

Now its time for freezing. Place them in the freezer and go do something productive. I gave the boys a bath, relaxed a little by using my favorite Mary Kay Charcoal Mask and got ready for the day. I also watched an episode of Pioneer Woman and I dreamed a bit about going to the Mercantile and meeting her.

Snap, back to the reality of kids wanting to watch cartoons instead of adult tv and me yelling “don’t put your brother in the closet!” I need more coffee!!!!!!

Your pops should look something like this minus the Yoshi Jax thought needed a coffee pop! And, they will be stuck so those of you who have always had ice makers will need a little practice in removing these from their current home. Put a hand on each end of the tray and twist the two sides in opposite directions. You have now loosened your ice cubes and can slip away into coffee pop paradise!

On a side note, I do not make iced coffee often because hot is where it’s at for me but if you make iced coffee at home, you need a good amount of ice in your cup. These little babies double as fabulous coffee pop ice cubes. When they melt, you will not water down your coffee because inevitably, you didn’t get to drink your iced coffee in time either.

I hope you enjoy your coffee pops and it helps you sparkle a little brighter today!


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