Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair Series

I know, that you know, that I know you can eat your way to healthy. That’s fabulous news for those people with health problems. This post by no means takes the place of medical advice but does show that a little research and planning can be your best line of defense when faced with health adversity.

I know we are all busy and the easy way to eat is by consuming those go to foods that are fast or comforting to get us through the day. If you’re like me, it depends on my mood, what’s going on that day, if we’re in school, and blah, blah, blah but in the back of my mind, that little glitter dipped conscious always gets me. She asks, “is that healthy for you and does it get you to your goal of great health?” That little lady has a point & I need to try harder to find the foods that work for me & not against me.


Researching the foods you eat or the foods you need to eat to achieve a fix to a health problem is fairly simple, but who has time for that? I mean, my 2 year old needs someone to hold him and my 7 year old is learning to do summer chores which means I follow behind him to “tweak” his work so who really has the time to scour Google for the right foods?


Welcome to my series on healthy hair, skin and nail foods. I’ve done the work for you and if there’s more you want, comment with your topic suggestions. I have a few other health issues already in mind for future topics but I would love to help my readers out with their problems so comment below or shoot me an email at I have also created a Facebook fan page to keep you in my world & up to date so follow SparklewithUC on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Sooooo, back to my particular interest which today is hair. Some like it short, some like it long but the common recurrent theme¬†is that we all want it there, except those who shave their heads, obviously they don’t want it but that’s a whole different story altogether.


For so many years before getting sick, I took prenatal vitamins; before pregnancy, during pregnancy and for quite a while after pregnancy. I had dr’s tell me and read so much stating that prenatal vitamins are the best avenue for healthy, thick hair. Before my sick days started 5 years ago, I whole heartedly believed every bit of the vitamin hoopla and religiously took my vitamins every evening with supper (because they made me nauseous).


Fast forward 5 years to 2017. my body does not absorb vitamins like it should, especially when in a severe ulcerative colitis flair. Basically, my body is in flush mode when I’m flaring and vitamin capsules or tablets don’t have adequate time to absorb before they’re flushed by my system. For this reason, it is best to eat my vitamins through solid food choices.
I must also mention that I would totally be ok with a handful of pills if I was, say, 90ish, give or take 10 yrs but I’m not so I’m trying to narrow down my handful of morning meds by replacing vitamins with foods heavy in those vitamins.


When you search ‘foods for healthy hair’, so many fabulous articles pop up. Here’s a few for your reading pleasure:


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17 Best Foods to Stop Hair Loss

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The problem isn’t that there is not enough information out there to support natural food sources to grow healthy hair but who has the time to read and read and read to figure it all out?!?!?!


Search no further! I’ve got your back! I have included in this article the vitamins that I will be discussing throughout the next series on naturally healthy hair. Now, this isn’t a fast fix for super long, super thick hair so don’t be fooled by internet claims that this is even possible. The only way to grow super long, super thick hair is to eat foods that contribute to healthy hair growth and have patience.


There are 8 vitamins that provide necessary nourishment to grow healthy hair. You get an added bonus when finding food sources that are high in the 8 vitamins and are also vitamins that have a plethora of benefits beyond your hair! #winning


Those 8 necessary vitamins are (in no specific order to their importance):


In this series I will discuss the importance of each vitamin and how it contributes to healthy hair. I won’t stop there though! You need to know what foods are high in that vitamin as well as a shopping list to stay on track.


You’re welcome! Now go sparkle!!!


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