Bring Sally Up Thigh Toning Workout

Fun inner thigh workout, more affectionately known as a squat, sounds like you also might enjoy a root canal without numbing meds! I mean, who actually likes the feeling (or lack of feeling) after you’ve done enough squats to feel like your legs might truly be done working for, well, EVER.


I am just not a pain hungry person so when I get all wobbly from squats and then I eventually have to stand up again sometime to feed tiny humans or give baths, I regret my decision to try to “reduce those thunder thighs”. Ugh, squatting down to give baths is when you discover how young you are not and how all those squats you used to do in high school didn’t get you in shape for old age at 34.


I know last months target area was getting rid of flabby thighs so it’s time to move on but I was introduced to a new, fun way, to do those horrible, torturous, thigh melting squats that we all love to hate!

Moby’s song Flower (aka, Bring Sally up) reminds me of Gone in 60 Seconds, the first DVD I bought after I won a DVD player my senior year. I love the beat of that song but never would have used it to workout. Someone genius took it & made a squat challenge out of it.

On The Running Bug, you will find all the instruction & even a instructional video to help get the squat challenge started off right.

Below is the Week 1 schedule:

Saturday & Sunday are rest days as well as Wednesday.


Word to the wise, don’t try to squat the whole song on the first day. You might walk away with jello-ey legs & the desire to not ever do it again!


Do t you ever forget, working out doesn’t have to be boring to work. Find something you enjoy & get it done!