Remote Control Workout

Don’t be a skeptic!
Try something new whether you found it on Pinterest or this crazy sparklewithuc lady told you about it!

I have a very hard time sticking with one workout because I’m always finding something else that I want to try.
I know you have a DVR & your absolute favorite shows are recorded, possibly the entire season of them. My go-to’s are The Pioneer Woman, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, The Kitchen or Big Bang Theory. Ok, stop judging my shows. I can’t lie, I ❤ food!!!!
Speaking of food, if you are anything like me, and most people are, you would lose weight if you could just burn the calories that come from the non-fruit, non-vegetable & non-lean meats that you consume daily. Easy? Not so much!
So this workout is brought to you by the crazy about Food Network sparkly momma for those who want to burn some worthless calories today.
Click on your tv & find that perfect episode of The Pioneer Woman (or your show). Whatever cardio you choose, you will do while the show is on. During the commercial breaks, you will do abs, arms & legs.
A workout breakdown would look like this:
5 mins of elliptical work
5ish mins of abs (crunches, side planks, sit ups, heel touches, leg raises, etc).
Your show is back on so 5 mins of elliptical work (add resistance, go backwards, sprint & steady pace alternating).
Commercial break so 5 mins of arms (tricep curls, bench press, bicep curls, side raises, front raises, etc). I have 3.5lb weights. You think 3.5lbs won’t do anything. It will & you’ll want more!
What will probably be the last chunk of your show is back on. For 5 more mins, keep a steady (not slow but not sprint) pace on the elliptical which will put your heart rate at a steady fat burn heart rate.
Commercial break 3 is spent working on your legs (squats, burpees, mountain climbers, sumo squats, wall sits, calf raises, etc).
I like the word, etcetera today!
Continue alternating reps as long as your show is on.
For a crazy big workout plan, choose an hour long episode of your fave show. That workout plan would look much the same but a lot longer. You would repeat the cardio, strength reps until your show is over.
Who knew tv could give you such a fabulous workout!