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'Tis the Season

It is track season and in my world that means late nights outside with more steps than I usually track in a week of any other sports season. So the light clicked on this week in my quest for thinner thighs.



It’s time to get tougher and more serious about my goal. Since 2-a-days started in August of 2016, I have gained 22lbs. I needed to gain my sick weight back but I should have done it healthfully, like, toned and worked out while doing it. What is left is some flab and a much healthier body that doesn’t fit in any of my clothes.


Everyone around me reminds me that it is better than my low weight around 112 in 2012 but it is still hard on the psyche to have no clothes, except sweats, that fit properly.


In lieu of our thigh toning this week, I’m working on a cardio leg toning mix with the dreaded bleacher!!!


Look at those calves. There’s motivation right there! #goals

So, I had the kids running bleachers one day during workout and thought, that looks fun, I’ll give it a shot. The first 3 or 4 were pretty easy, a little heavy breathing but not too bad. As I continued to work while the kids continued their workout, knocking the ups and downs out to get to my goal got a little bit harder. It was burning and no amount of rest in between helped so I just put it out of my mind and ran. By the time I finished 10 up and downs, my legs were shaking and walking was a chore but I had done it. Something that I have not attempted since bleacher days in high school and I didn’t ever think I would have the desire to EVER do again.


The desire came back the next day. I did it again, a little sore, but I did it. I have to admit, the bleachers looked more like this that day so it took at little more mental coaching to get it done but I feel better about myself and that maybe I can get in some kind of shape again. I want to get in shape, not necessarily lose weight. The clothes fitting is my goal but I just want to be healthy whatever size I am.


So the moral of the story here…..

  • Try what you don’t want to.
  • Don’t be afraid to change up your workout to see better results.
  • & Enjoy your youth kids! Time is warp speed the older you get.


This weeks workout is courtesy of Jar of Lemons.


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Lazy Girl Thighs

That is soooooooooo right up my alley! It’s not that I’m completely lazy but by the time I get home from a 10 hour (sometimes 15ish hour) day, and get the house quiet for the night, I am flat out exhausted!!!

This weeks workout is courtesy of Christina Carlyle and I wanted to find something that I could do, literally, lying down.


Lazy Girl Thigh Workout:


Make sure you are alone when you do the first exercise! You will look pretty funny trying to get the mechanics down.


You should be in week 3 of your thigh slimming challenge.

I wish you luck and lots of tightening thigh muscles this week! Stay strong and keep pushing!


Courtesy of The Workout Princess!


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Week 3 on your road to killer thighs!

Wow! This didn’t start out as a workout challenge but for me, it has become one. How many inches can I lose on these thighs before swimsuit season starts?!?!
The kicker is, don’t stop thigh workout when you start April’s muscle group. Build on it for a full body workout.


Image result for keep calm and get ready for swimsuit season


This week’s workout courtesy of the Livfitgirls.com.


The BEST exercises to target and tone every women's trouble spot -- the Inner & Outer Thighs! You will LOVE this workout!:


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Did you survive?

How did you do? Last weeks workout was pretty intense and not very time conducive to this busy momma. So, it was back to the drawing board for another workout that is more my speed. But first, pull out those tape measures and see if you lost any inches. Yay for you if you did!!!! If you didn’t, keep working!


Image result for you didn't put it on in a day, it won't come off in a day


Workout courtesy of blogilates.com.


Image result for thigh workout challenge


Now go squeeze those thighs and lose some inches!!!!!


Courtesy of The Workout Princess!

Ulcerative Colitis


Ahhhhhh, when I gain weight, its more than likely in my thighs and glutes. This causes my pants not to fit, or zip. Wait, not zipping is a waist problem! Well, I’ve got a few target areas apparently but this month is going to be the thunder thighs!


<Insert your own picture here because when you search ‘thunder thighs’ on Google, there are a plethora of pictures but nothing motivating for me.>


Actually, I found one to feed my “Keep Calm….” obsession.

Image result for keep calm and work your thighs


So I took to Pinterest because they are the ‘make you feel bad about yourself’ workout center and I found several interesting, do-able thigh workouts. I’m going to share them with you each Monday. I know, today’s not Monday but when ideas hit, let them flow!


Before you start this progression on February thigh workouts, grab your measuring tape and measure those thighs. Keep it secret so you can wow your hunny with inches lost as you go.


Today’s workout is courtesy of SPOTEBI. Your mission…do this workout daily until you hear from me again.

Sculpt your glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and calves with this lower body workout. A routine designed to give you slim thighs, a rounder booty and legs for days! http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/lower-body-workout-thighs-booty-legs/: