Workout Wednesday

Have I mentioned the Fitbit Blaze is awesome?! Even when your not focused on “getting exercise” you can still tell how active you are.

Goal time: 

10,000 steps per day for 7 straight days.
That would equal out to…

Approximately 70,000 steps

24.64 miles

15,715 calories burned

I’d say that’s a tough but attainable goal!
I haven’t done 7 days straight….yet! I’ll let you know how it goes ?

What’s your heath goal this week?

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I Declare

Every once in a while a classroom topic really makes me think. Last week we skimmed the top of one of my favorite topics, the Declaration of Independence. As far as documents go this is, in my opinion, the basis of our government.

I’m not usually a political poster but this morning I was pondering a phrase out of the Declaration…

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the             Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

Let me translate for you…if you don’t like what’s going on with our government, change it!

Now, even my 8th graders misconceived this when thinking in terms of colonial America but a little discussion sent them in the right direction.

The writers of the Declaration were talking about changing their political environment by replacing the king with a government run by the colonists.

How does that apply to modern day? I asked a class what it meant to them as a citizen experiencing the upcoming election. They came to the conclusion that voting is the number one way to alter our government and that was the mindset of colonial leaders also. Back then, colonial leaders had to over throw the king with the American Revolution but today you don’t necessarily have to over throw our government to change it. Voting someone out of office is just as effective as over throwing it.

I’ve seen so many people on Facebook getting upset about other people’s political views. Why get upset with each other when most all Americans are just unhappy with the government (not each other) & want to see it change. We need to quit focusing on bashing each other’s opinions & focus on altering our representatives who make the decisions. It’s not forcing people to agree with your opinion that will change our countries direction, it’s action at the poles.

I’ve always known that voting was important for some reason because my parents and so many others wouldn’t have done it without a strong purpose. After analyzing the Declaration of Independence, I get it. Voting brings change and change is what we need to take care of our government over spending. I tell my students that money makes the world go round & so many interactions within our government could improve without the added financial stress of our $19.3 trillion in national debt.

This ends my political ramblings but just remember, debt causes undue stress! Balance the debt & our government could focus on other problems.

Teacher Corner

Gamification What?

I’m taking a seminar this semester in eLearning. I find it fascinating because the typical classroom these days is very technology heavy so I’m learning things I can apply to my classroom to improve a variety of areas.

I have to write a research paper over an eLearning topic and I’m kinda stumped on what I really want to write about for 1000+ words. I can talk on and on but I really want it to be something of benefit to my classroom. 

One of the topics that we will be covering in weeks to come is gamification. It is interesting that experts give the younger generation a hard time because of screen time and such, yet our classrooms are turning to learning games and online lessons instead of improving the old school methods. I need a question out of this topic to guide my paper but I’m at a loss. Any ideas floating around out there? 

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HOW TO Video- Oil Pulling: For, health, weight loss and general detoxification — Radiant Alchemy Wellness

I’m definitely going to have to give this a shot. I heard about it when I was prego with baby #2 but the research I did said to not start oil pulling if your pregnant. Well, I’m not pg so I think I’ll check it out!

Found on Radiant Alchemy Wellness Blog.

What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling, by Wikipedia definition, is a traditional Indian folk remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth. Ayurvedic literature describes oil pulling as capable of both improving oral health and treating various ailments. It is both simple and enjoyable and something that I have found to be beyond useful for […]

via HOW TO Video- Oil Pulling: For, health, weight loss and general detoxification — Radiant Alchemy Wellness

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Workout wednesday

My best day yet with my new Fitbit was Monday. I met my step goal, my stair goal & my calorie goal.

The only reason all those goals were met was the “fat burning” heart rate that I maintained while pacing the sideline of a way too close volleyball game I coached. I love my players but I don’t like games to be so close, especially two weeks in a row!

Exercise advice this week: get it in anyway you can whether it’s coaching a volleyball game and pacing like a lunatic or using the elliptical for thirty minutes. I’ve even go so far as to walk around our very big backyard just to get some exercise in. I still have some psychological issues with walks around the neighborhood withou a bathroom available. Crazy, I know, but the backyard works!

Happy exercising!


Where Were You?

Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?

I was in algebra, my freshmen year at WTAMU. I did not know at the time that while I was daydreaming about breakfast or a nap after class that a horrific tragedy had just happened, half a world away, to my fellow Americans, that would change thousands of lives forever. Heck, it has changed the American way of life forever! 

As I walked to my next class, ditching the idea of a nap, I overheard someone say “a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center!” 

My path to phys ed was diverted with that statement and I ended up plastered to the tv in my dorm room watching the second plane hit and the towers fall. 

I decided to go to my US History class because it was a hard class so I couldn’t miss but I figured I would learn something about what had happened from my history professor. Not a word from her on what had just happened. I was beginning to wonder if I was losing it, that no one else had seen what was covering the news channels and would cover the front page of the newspapers for weeks to come.

I went back to my dorm room before work and couldn’t peel my eyes from the tv footage of people covered in dust, taking shelter or running from the building which aired all day long and for many days after that. 

Later in the afternoon I heard about the flight that hit the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field because of heroic passengers that fought back.
I was glad my sister was at school with me because the feeling of fear and uncertainty was overwhelming. My parents lived almost six hours away so a trip home just to hug my families neck was out of the question. That was especially true since the lines at the gas pump went for many city blocks because people were worried about oil, the stock market and our financial world collapsing.

Tomorrow I will present videos and pictures, speeches and songs in a tribute to a generation of kids who weren’t even alive on that day. Always remember 9/11 and teach the younger generation about that day and the resilience of Americas everyday!


I Love Coconut Oil!

Damaged hair not only takes away smartness from you but it tends to hamper your overall personality. You feel out the place and you start to think that you are not presentable enough. Feeling utterly frustrated in such a condition is very common. You then choose to go for long sessions of medication and sometimes […]

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