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Thank you so much Hunt’s Clubhouse for the Blogger Recognition Award! It’s pretty awesome to be recognized for the little nuggets I love writing about!
blogger recognition award

The rules say you have to display your award but I couldn’t find anything sparkly so I had to create my own, sparkly version. Feel free to borrow!

I’m still fairly new to blogging but I love writing about the random topics that come to my mind. I also share alot about my journey as a wife, mother of two who suffers from ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Add to that teaching US History to 8th graders and coaching volleyball, basketball & track as well as working on my mater’s degree. Whew! That really makes me sound busy!

Blogging has been a great avenue for me to destress, decompress, push myself or spread a little sparkle to make someone’s day better. My advice to other bloggers is to network with other fantastic bloggers who have commonalities so you get your name out there in the community you can connect with. You never know what you might learn from another’s perspective.

I nominate:

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Entyvio · Health

Time for #8

I haven’t even gone back for #8 yet & I’ve already had 2 sticks & pretty blue wrap.

I usually infuse at my dr’s office. In, out & on my way in 30 minutes or so. Not today! I had to go to an oncology center for my infusion. Actually, it is the same place that I had my iron infusions.

So, I didn’t expect the process of moving to a different infusion locale would be so frustrating. 

Since a dr has to put the medicine order in, I have to see my blood dr again today even though I already have a follow up for my iron infusions in October. He did bloodwork today, hence the two needles before my infusion. After I see him, it’s time for Entyvio to work it’s wonderful magic!

I love “keep calm” signs but they didn’t have one that I liked for infusions so I made my own.

Update on Entyvio…it’s still working. In fact, this is the first infusion that I did not have to have a week early. I usually run a fever of 100ish about two weeks before my date with Entyvio so I usually call & get it early. I guess I’m too busy thinking about my big, little one going back to school, wondering if the hubs is having a good day, if babyman had a good day, lesson plans, what’s for supper….ya know, life…to feel any symptoms sneaking up.

I feel almost normal, like, 95% normal! I still have some days like today where my gut is not happy but 1 out of 31 is not bad at all. 

I used to have to get up right after I started eating a meal or took a sip of something & head to the bathroom but that’s a very rare occasion now. My teacher friends at the lunch table will tell you that’s a huge difference from last year.

I have a teacher assistant/paraprofessional in my morning classes & rarely now do they have to take charge because I’m running to the bathroom. I have a new one this year for one period & I’m going to see how long it is until I need to tell her about my UC. Maybe I can go all year!!!

I have started sleeping through the night! YAY!!!!! This was one reason my energy was drained all the time. I still drag occasionally but not like I used to.

I could go on & on about the differences I see but the main point is that it’s working & I feel so much better. A dear friend & one of my teacher assistants told me today that she can just tell in my demeanor & body language that I’m feeling better & that’s what it’s all about! Maybe what she’s seeing is a bit of my old sparkle sneaking back in?

Teacher Corner

Motivation Monday ❤️

I love this cup! It reminds me that what I’m doing is impacting the world!
Who knows, I could have the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in my classroom or maybe a president or a singer who will make an unbelievable impact on the world we live in. So yeah, teachers, you are kinda a big deal! We guide all other professions.


Are you the diamond or the coal?

I am the diamond, shaped & molded by life but coming out stronger in the end. Some days though, you just feel like the coal. On those days you need a reminder that your destined to shine!

I know what your thinking, do I have to shine all the time? Nope & if you do, you might be a tad bit fake or a lot a bit fake but atleast your trying to shine.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of starting your day out right. Whether it’s a cup of coffee made just right or hitting the green lights all the way to work, let the positive drive your mood.

If it is one of those days that make you want to crawl back in bed & ask for a mulligan, Keep Calm, check your ‘tude & adjust. I promise, it can’t stay bad for long if you have the right mindset. 

In fact, you’ll undoubtably learn to be a diamond in the rough. 

And just because I love chocolate cake…


Workout Wednesday

Thighs have not been my target area in awhile or let’s extend that to since high school when I enjoyed lifting weights. So, I thought I would start super easy since my knees are flairing up from an arthritis flair. 

On a side note, one main difference between typical arthritis & rheumatoid arthritis is that RA is typically symmetrical so both knees look like smooshy, swollen cantaloupes instead of one knee.

So back to the thighs. A deadlift didn’t sound so bad. This innocent little deadlift with 2- 3lb weights has me sore as can be. Like drop your pen & hope someone is around to pick it up for you sore. I’m going back to the thigh workout this evening to see if I can workout the soreness & I’ll probably be stuck on this one exercise until I build up a little more muscle but I am going to build some leg muscles.

If you need easy on the knees workouts like I do, Google it! I Googled “best lower-body exercises for knee injury” & it came up with enough workouts to fill a few weeks up. I love Goolge! It has helped me stick to exercising again just by changing things up here & there.

Here’s some cheat sheets I found helpful:

And here’s a good workout:

Gardening · Stress Relief

Flower Time

I love playing with flowers! There’s something amazingly calming about digging in the dirt & planting things.I love to take pictures over time to watch the change.

This beauty was close to death but a touch of miracle grow & some major sun…voila!

I am a stresser! I stress about everything even before it’s a possibility that I need to worry about it. One thing that I find to help with de-stressing is taking care of my flowers. I might venture to food plants someday but for now I just plant for pretty flower beds.

There’s a lot to be learned from gardening. I love quotes, especially paired with a pretty picture so here’s my wisdom learned from gardening:

Teacher Corner

What your child’s teacher wants you to know

I sat down at the lunch table in our cafeteria. Most kids were eating from the cafeteria lines which I do somedays. Others were eating out of their lunch bags or Walmart sacks. As I look at what today’s middle school kids eat for lunch, I noticed a trend. They weren’t the Pinterest perfect, food prep on Sundays lunches that I see floating around Facebook. It was a sandwich and chips or leftovers. A thought came to mind and it looks alot like the ideas reflected in “Party Like a Mother”.

You don’t have to do it all!!!


Mila Kunis plays a picture perfect, do-it-all mom who still manages to make PTA meetings.

After an awful day, that’s a drastic understatement, she makes it to a super important can’t miss PTA meeting about an unannounced topic which ends up being a bake sale. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Really, a stinkin’ bake sale! That’s when she decides that she’s done trying to be it all & do it all. She just stops doing & here’s where the message comes in.

Just be involved! You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect, all organic, Susie homemaker momma. You just need to be there. That’s all your kids want and that’s all their teachers want.

If you’re at this point and want a change, there’s a few monumental things that will happen when you stop trying to be perfect:

1. When your kids learn that you have expectations, they will learn to work towards attaining them. Our jobs as parents is to train the tiny humans to do as we do. What are you training them to do?

Image result for have goals

2. No one is perfect! Teach your kids to be realistic & strive for their best. If they fall short, lesson learned.

Image result for failure is a great teacher

3. This world can be tough. Let them figure that out & be there to answer the tough questions or cushion the fall.

Image result for this world is tough

4. You’re not fooling their teacher when you try to pass your project off as theirs. They will actually learn when they do their own work.

5. You are not retaking their classes for a grade so let them earn it.

6. Do not drop everything to take them their forgotten lunch or homework unless it was your fault. This is working on that responsibility thing.

7. Your child can’t tell the difference between organic & TV dinner so don’t stress! Food is what they need.

8. Gourmet, homecooking or takeout…the common denominator at supper is family together time. I think sitting down for a dinner as a family is super important. If it weren’t for family dinner, you may never see your teenagers!

9. The biggest thing this teacher wants you to remember…they are kids. A grade is a grade but it doesn’t define who they are or where they’re heading in life. It just says, “we’ve got something to improve on”.

I don’t know how we created a society that is drowning in “how do I look”. I also don’t know how we are to go about fixing what is broken but I want you to know momma, it is ok that your child’s lunch looks like the 1950’s bagged lunches. It is also ok that their projects aren’t perfect and they use their own words. It is ok to teach your kids to strive for something other than perfection as long as they’re doing their best. One day, the ideas that they come up with on their own might take us back to a society that puts less value on looks and more on the content.

Image result for pinterest perfect

Teaching is definitely a calling & we wouldn’t be in that classroom with your baby if we didn’t feel that we could help guide them through life with a side order of knowledge. We do really enjoy your input and help however we may get it. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect, all organic, Susie homemaker momma. Just be involved!


Workout Wednesday

So….progress update!

progress in action

I love the new Denise Austin DVD that I ordered!!! It has a very cool feature that I didn’t expect. You get to put together your own workout series so I’ve been working on upper body. I can click “shoulder definer”, “chest firmer”, “back scultor” and “arm shaper” and voila, I have a 20 min upper body toning workout.

glutton for punishment

Yesterday I decided to throw in the “ab chiseler” because I was a glutton for punishment but I did not kill me, it really did make me strong, as Kelly Clarkson sings.


Since I did better this week, my motto is evolving. I did some type of workout, typically arms, 4 out of 7 days last week so now I’m striving for progress, not perfection! And I will progress!!!