& So It Begins

It’s here, my last Friday at home before 2-a-days start & then inservice & then school starts, then Christmas & then summer break again! Yea right, as if it was that simple. I love my job & what I do but it’s the not being home with my little ones during the day that makes me want summer to last forever! Oh, & the daily naps that I love sooooooo much, I’ll miss them also.
For my teacher friends, I thought you could use some humor as we come around the final stretch to the school year beginning.

You know exactly what I’m talking about & it seems like every second of inservice is filled with a meeting about this or that. I just want to work in my room!!!!!

This reminds me that it’s time to hit up Mardel’s & maybe A & D Bookstore for some new decor. I’m not as bad as this, taking a full truckload in, but I do like to re-do all my boards & get new fun stuff to play with.

I want to decorate my room but gosh, it just takes so much energy & I have to drive out to the school. Nope, I’ll wait until I’m officially supposed to be at the school to decorate which means that summer doesn’t officially end for me until 11:59 pm on July 31st.



I put a few decorations up in the boys bathroom this week. I love the sign above & I put it on the wall as you walk out the door as a reminder to have a good attitude. You can have a bad attitude & a bad day or a good attitude to turn around your bad day!
The bathroom theme is sports so I found another sign at my beloved Hobby Lobby that they needed.

This is more of a reminder for me & any adult. Dealing with life’s issues doesn’t get easier, you just figure out how to do life better. 
If I was where I started knowledge wise about ulcerative colitis four years ago when I was diagnosed, I would still be with a bad doctor who wouldn’t let me try to control a flair up with prednisone & just said, “I guess we’ll just have to remove your colon!” Instead, I grew in my knowledge of the disease & advocated for my own health. I found a new doctor who said he would never remove my colon unless it was the absolute last resort, and I still have my colon! I have found an infusion, after trying weekly injections, that seems to be working wonders on the nasty colon. I have found a oral medicine that helps the infusion to do its job. So, I think that sign is good for me. It reminds me that there’s still more to learn & I can make a difference in my health & possibly someone else’s!


Here I Go Again

Well, here I am again with my IV in & iron a drippin’. Yes, I’m Texan and we punctuate our words just like that, drippin’, sippin’, lovin’, kickin’, sleepin’. Good gracious does a saline flush taste nasty! They wouldn’t have to flush the line if I could sit still but they don’t know that a mother of two boys rarely sits still. Especially with an almost two year old that loves to act like Bam Bam with a bat & throw balls over the neighbors fence & a six year old who loves to swim in his pool and race.
I have been able to tell some difference since my first iron infusion last week. I have gotten some extra cleaning done & I’ve managed to work on decorating the house a little more. We have lived there a year now so I figured it might be time to decorate some. I also painted Jaxson’s baseball drawers. I started that project last year & I think I’m almost finished.

Health changes & one that women tend not to like, I have to shave daily now. When my iron is extremely low, I don’t need to shave but once every few weeks. Just since last week it’s become a daily occurrence. Ugh, the bad with the good! Now if my hair will get thicker & longer I will love iron infusions forever!

I love my ‘Gut it Out’ shirt supporting the CCFA (Chrones & Colitis Foundation). I need a ‘Girls Have Guts’ shirt now! With every trial I face with my oh so unpredictable health, I know that I will gut it out & keep on movin’, keep on lovin’, studying, teaching, coaching, mommying, wifing & all the other things I fit into this crazy life we live.


Iron Skillet

I may or may not be putting off writing a response paper for my invisible literacies seminar due this week ?
In my search for the balanced iron diet, I found some thought provoking information about the good ole iron skillet. You know the skillet, the one grandma used to fry chicken in or bake some amazing cornbread.

The iron infusion nurse was asking me last week what all I’ve tried to help my iron come up. After telling her about numerous supplements I’ve tried from pill form to liquid (yuck) iron to diet changes she asked if I ever cook in a cast iron skillet. She informed me that this was an easy way to get iron into your diet. So I decided to research & low & behold, there’s actually research supporting her tip. Research from Columbia University showed that food is basically infused with the iron from the skillet & acidic foods sometimes absorb more than non-acidic. This is good to know for the times I do fry but I wonder if regular meals that I cook in a skillet could be cooked in my iron skillet. Sounds like I need to try it out!


Iron Mom

So the day has finally come, after several years of being iron anemic because of colitis…iron infusion #1. It looks like watered down blood! I don’t really care what it looks like though as long as it makes me feel fabulous! 
I don’t know what impact it will have or if I’ll have side effects but I do know, it has to make some difference. It’s hard to be tired all the time, even with a nap midday. Maybe it will make me superwoman who wants to clean house all the time. My hubs can only hope! Maybe it will give me the energy to complete some art projects that have been gathering dust or at least give me the energy to dust them off ? 

I’m just hoping for feeling like a human being! A human being that can play with her little boys and still have the energy to adult. I love that word/phrase…”to adult”. I agree with some of the pictures on Facebook. Adulting is hard sometimes but the alternative isn’t in my cards!

This should read “Iron because adulting is hard”



I may or may not be sitting in front of a muted tv watching PJ Masks on Disney Junior because I am still zapped from my infusion yesterday. I figure I will either fall asleep or get enough energy to find the remote.
Yesterday was infusion #7 and I’m feeling better everyday. My colonoscopy several weeks ago showed that the medicine is working so in my mind, the improvements to my insides far outweigh the side effects.

Call me crazy but I took my babies with me yesterday and my nurse loved them. I, however, didn’t appreciate Luke trying to pull the IV out or trying to tear down the medicine bag. He is a mess!! Jaxson on the other hand was using the doctors stool to race around the room. Needless to say, that was the longest 30mins of my life and infusion #8 should be a little more relaxing.