If I’m this much of an over snapper for kinder graduation, beware of the posts coming in 2028 for HS graduation. 

My first little man is super smart like his Uncle Doug. He’s a class clown like his daddy. 

He has such a tender heart like both of his grandmas. 

He has a thirst for knowledge like his mommy. I could go on all day long on what he got from each of his family members but the most important thing I want him to remember is that each & everyday, we are blessed by his presence in our lives. 

Whether it’s to make me laugh, teach me patience or show his brother how trains go “choo choo”, he has a very important purpose in this life & I hope I always tell him how important he is to this world & to me! He’s destined for greatness & I’m glad God called upon me to be his mommy. I love this little man with every sense of my being ❤️

Guns up Red Raiders!


What to do?

I just had a hot cup of coffee! I mean a full cup, not just the first few sips like when I’m at school or at home making sure the boys have breakfast or all their clothes on or are playing nice together. The reason for my full cup of joe is my sweet husband gave me the day off. I am enjoying getting to have some “me” time but to be honest, it’s hard. I know I can’t be the only momma who has a hard time with “me” time. The thought of “me” time is a fantasy that you may think sounds great but when it actually happens, there’s a little guilt for even wanting it & you have no clue what to do with yourself. 
Another problem is the quiet house. After watching “American Sniper” last night, I didn’t want to walk by the windows. I’m goofy! Then, I let Halle out before bed & when she got back inside, she was barking at something, no clue what. So I went to sleep a little unsettled. I’m already a worry wort so her barking at nothing when I’m home alone made me wonder if I needed the bat on the bed beside me. I’m apparently a chicken when Chad is not home at night. 
Now what to do since I survived the quiet night. Sleeping in is out of the question because I’m so used to getting up with the kiddos or to get to work. I have a hard time staying in bed because of body aches so laying around all day is out of the question.
I’m strongly considering a pedicure but that means getting ready & leaving the house. I could workout on the elliptical or plug in my yoga or Pilates video, but that takes energy. I could clean the house but yet again, I would need energy. Laundry, another energy needed option!
I have several things I want to do with my flower beds but that would require getting ready & going to Lowe’s.
I have several art projects around the house I need to finish like Jaxson’s dresser drawers from last summer or his last day of school shirt, which he needs on Friday.
So many options on what to do & yet, I can’t find the motivation for any of it. I’m hanging out with “The Kitchen” on Food Network, contemplating a relaxing bubble bath & some left over fried rice for lunch with a nap afterwards. Yes, I think that sounds like a plan!


World IBD Day!

Happy & hopeful World IBD Day to my fellow IBDers from around the world!

We are happy to celebrate the accomplishments of those who also suffer from this silent, debilitating disease. For most, that’s what keeps us going, knowing that so many have paved the way for us to achieve our goals without giving into IBD.

We are hopeful that a cure will be found in our lifetime so we can stop masking the disease & get rid of it once & for all!
Today, I submitted my DNA sample for an IBD study through 23 and me. I hope in some way, my answers to all one million & one questions & my sample will help to find that cure.

So until the cure is found, I fight the good fight & celebrate how far I have come in my journey & pray for my cure…soon!


Run the Race

I love, love, love this verse! Every time I feel down I remember, everyone has a race, they just all look different & may be run a little differently. All it takes is to rest in the lord & he will help you through. My other realization is that resting in the lord doesn’t always mean roses & good stuff but it does mean that he will be with us through it all, even when it’s not the outcome we wanted. So I run this race I’ve been given with a mighty God who goes before me!


Be the Reason

I have so many people surrounding me with good vibes & prayers that I can’t help but smile. You guys are the epitome of this quote & I thank you!


Infusion #6

Infusion #6 was today. I have seen relief of a lot of symptoms on Entivyo. However, whether it’s stress relating to STAAR next week or just this nasty disease rearing its ugly head, I had to get my infusion a week early. My nurse told me today that the dr wants a colonoscopy to check to see how the innards look & to see if the medicine is working. Then she said something unpleasant. She said “if the medicine isn’t working, we may have to look at other options such as surgery”. 
I don’t know if surgery scares me so much because it’s so permanent or if it’s because it would completely change my life. The problem with surgery for this ole gal is that my colon is fully engaged. They can’t just take out a section & then I go on about my life. They will have to remove the whole colon because the whole thing hates me, not just a section & that means a bag. Whether permanent or temporary, I would have a hard time dealing with that. 

I’m just not up for surgery until I have exhausted every last medicinal & natural option I can find. I am only 33, surgery is not an option!



I hate weight!!! It’s a number that our society uses to define people. You’re either too skinny or too fat, anorexic or obese. There is no happy medium & that makes me feel very sorry for the coming generations of young ladies who have to grow up with these standards. I wish I could have grown up during the Marilyn Monroe generation where a thicker woman was the beauty instead of the too skinny, anorexic model being the role model for women. Granted, right now I look more like the current generation than Marilyn Monroe’s
but I’m working on it.

Approximately 5 years before my diagnosis of UC. Definitely can’t see my collar bone & I’ve got some good chub to my cheeks! Little did hubby know he would have to uphold “in sickness & in health” so soon.

Approximately 3 mos after my diagnosis in 2012. I look like the Texas wind could carry me away or a walker off the Walking Dead. At that time, I could barely pick Jaxson up & had to buy new pants that wouldn’t fall off. 

UC suffers such as myself tend to have weight problems. I have a hard time right now putting weight back on that I lost during my year long flair last year. My comfortable weight is between 140 & 150 depending on if I’m exercising or not. I need about 10lbs to get back to my happy weight. 
My past eating habits are counter productive to gaining weight. After Jaxson was born, I had a hard time losing the weight because I thought it should just disappear since I was breastfeeding (I did not have UC yet). Nope, not in the slightest. So instead of doing some crazy, off the wall diet, I started halving my serving sizes or just having a serving size instead of going crazy. Example, if I had a sandwich & chips I would have a slice of bread because a slice is a serving size, not two slices. I would have a serving size of meat & cheese but I might add a little more than a serving size of mayonnaise. When it came to the chips, I would count out a designated serving size instead of loading the whole other side of my plate down with chips or I just cut them out all together & had cucumber slices or carrots. This helped a lot in my weight loss goals but now that I need to gain weight, I need to stop this type of eating habit. If I want to gain weight back, I have to put serving sizes out of my mind. 
I also love me some fruits & veggies, raw or cooked. I gave the autoimmune Paleo diet a short go to help heal my gut but it didn’t last long because I didn’t put in the prep time. Part of the AIP Paleo is fruits & veggies but even for me, consuming so many fruits & veggies got old fast! Also, I’m trying to put weight on so it didn’t help in that area because it’s not protein packed, just healthy. I’m still looking for more of a lifestyle change than a diet and so the search continues. Right now I’m looking into alkaline foods & their benefits. It sounds promising but time will tell if it will help & I can stick with it.