Yes, That's It

Do you ever see a picture or hear a song or quote that explains exactly how you feel when exactly how you feel is hard to put into words? This picture captured my thoughts perfectly. People have asked me, “what does it feel like to have colitis?” Or “do you really feel like that all the time?” Well, here is my answer.

There is no good explanation for what it feels like but this picture is pretty darn close! When your intestines look like a tangled, jumbled up mess with inflammation, yes, I feel that way all the time!

I feel like the Entivyo is working to an extent but I still don’t feel normal. I’m hoping some relaxation over the summer will put me into full remission. I haven’t had that since my diagnosis in 2012. My thought for the day!


4 Years & Counting

Facebook memories pop up & usually have some very happy memories that bring a smile to my heart. Some of the fun ones this week were Jaxson learning to sit on the TV stand & being super proud of himself. Also pictures of Jaxson from six years ago that are adorable & a cute video of him singing into a brush, dancing to “I Love Rock & Roll”.
There is one not so fun memory that has popped up from four years ago & it was a game changer. It reminded me of the week I couldn’t get out of bed because of hpylori. Before or after, I’ve never missed that much consecutive work without a new baby to show for it. 

Without the RA medicine I was on at the time, Enbrel, I would have been able to more effectively fight hpylori & it might not have resulted in severe ulcerative colitis. They say one autoimmune opens you up to many others but for me, it was a stupid infection & medicine that caused the indefinite sentence to live with colitis. 
I’ve learned a few things throughout this four year journey.

-I am absolutely stubborn. I am where my children get their hard headedness from but that’s not a bad thing, for them or me. 

-I’m a lot more fun when I feel good, according to my husband.

-It’s very boring to have to watch what you eat!

-I hope, with every sense of my being, that my babies aren’t cursed with either disease.

-I am not lazy, I’m flaring! My husband more than makes up for this with his extraordinary house cleaning skills.

This journey will teach me a lot! This summer I’m starting my masters degree so my stubbornness should pay off. I’ll let you know how it goes.



I felt amazing yesterday & then the ton of bricks hit & this is me today!

 Chad says the same thing any time I try to figure out what I ate that triggered a reaction. It really is all things food!

I had a lunchable. I didn’t think it would cause so much pain.


RA Awareness

I need one of these but I need it to say RA and Colitis. If autoimmune diseases are in your vocabulary, whether daily, or just with infrequent flairs, this phrase rings so true.

“I did not know how strong I could be until being strong was the only choice I had.”

RA Awareness

This picture hit my facebook feed from the ‘Fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis’ page on the perfect day. Don’t you love when God confirms that you’re doing good, no matter how you feel about it. I am applying for scholarships as I find them because I’m going back to school to get my Master’s Degree. I received my ‘Proof of Diagnosis’ form from my dr for the RA scholarship I am appplying for. She diidn’t just fill out the little box confirming my diagnosis of RA like my gastrointerologist did for my colitis, she wrote a letter of recommendation and commended me for pursuing higher education while teaching/coaching and raising a family while battling RA since I was 15. She didn’t have to do the letter but she did it anyway and her words meant so much to me. Validation that I’m heading in the right direction.