I ❤️ naps!

I mean, I really really love nap time, especially those weekends following crazy weeks where our household doesn’t stop going until bedtime. Today after supervising a group of STAAR testers & then keeping them quiet for another hour after they finished testing. I’m exhausted! I could really use a nap!

This is my second blog about naps so I might have an unhealthy attachment to napping of any length. I’m best with a few hours but I’ll take a cat nap if that’s all I can get.

Through my research I’ve learned that 10 to 20 mins boosts alertness & energy. Yay for that, but it’s a little too short for me. 60 mins shows an improvement in remembering facts. Awesome! This is what my school kids need everyday. Why did we stop napping after kindergarten if it’s so beneficial to memory?! 90 mins can show improved emotional & procedural memory & creativity. Once again, that would be super beneficial in school.

Sadly, somedays I’m lucky to get a short power nap before my littlest man wakes up from his nap. Power naps greatly benefit areas that I’m seriously lacking in. Probably most of my issues can be contributed to having children or sleep deprivation but some could come from my diseases. 

I am probably extremely boring to those around me but I find a nap exciting! I am a WILD woman! This picture is so true, minus the quilting, I’ve never done that.

I can’t wait until the weekend for my naps!