Snap, Crackle & Pop!

On my quest for a med free existence I know that there will be other options to try and help control this ugly disease. My adventure today is to the chiropractor. I’m glad he’s a friend from way back when so he won’t give me too much flack for my title here. He gets onto me when I say “get popped” instead of “get adjusted”.

My little guys and I have been going off and on for a little over a year to the chiropractor and I try to go every two weeks, if my work schedule allows.

Positive health improvements that we have seen:

  • The boys don’t have to take nearly as much allergy medicine, they can now just alternate between the seasons of the year.
  • I take my toddler in when I feel he has an ear infection coming on and get him adjusted. I feel like he is a little more comfortable afterwards when dealing with the pain.
  • I feel much looser in my back afterwards but the pain persists.

Sometimes I think I should go daily to fix whatever is wrong but I’m sure my insurance would disagree. One great thing is that it’s actually covered by my insurance without an MD referral so always check with your insurance because it will save you money.

What does getting adjusted do for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis? Well, for me, it alleviates pain, almost like relieving pressure in my back. Then the pressure builds back up again and it’s time to see the chiropractor.

I saw my chiropractor today (not sure if he wants to be named or nameless) and asked him exactly what about chiropractic care helps autoimmune or just illness in general. He said that proper communication between spinal cord and brain is key to improving your health. Without that communication, it can weaken the body’s ability to heal itself. From what I’ve read, misalignment of the spine can contribute to joint pain, poor posture and a host of other problems.

So how does it help the immune system you might ask? Every time I get adjusted, he is realigning my spine so that my spine will send the proper signals to my brain so that my body acts right. So far, it’s not been a cure all but I can tell a huge difference for my JRA. So I’ll continue to go every two weeks and hope that I continue to improve and make strides.

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  1. Boxed cereal has BHT and is a horrible chemical to ingest! I love this post thank you for a resource I didn’t know about for better health! Keep sparkling on! 😉

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