I Could Bench Press A Buick

My brain is very random so you’re getting some of that randomness right now. Today’s church sermon was about the return of the prodigal son & how the father treated him so well when he returned, all the while the oldest son had stayed by his father’s side doing what was expected of him & was not rewarded with wining & dining like his younger brother. I know this story doesn’t sound like it has to do with disease but step back & think about it a different way.

I, the patient who takes all medicines as prescribed & only questions in her head, looks like the older brother. I do what the dr says, when the dr says & all I keep getting is a “big box ‘o pills” and more pains. Today I’m sitting in Urgent Care waiting to see if I have shingles and a funny meme comes to mind.


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Then there are people, like the younger brother, who disregard what needs to be done on his father’s estate and goes wild. That could be compared to the patient who ignores the signs & symptoms & is reckless with their health yet rewarded in the end because they don’t have the ever growing dr’s list & “big box ‘o pills”.

I know this is a pretty far fetched tie in to today’s passage but it just made me think, what would happen if I stopped all meds. Of course I wouldn’t stop cold turkey because it literally might shut my body down but if I slowly weaned off everything, what might the results be. How much of what I take daily causes other symptoms that need to be treated? It sure makes me wonder & wish that I felt like I could try med free. I, however, have some really amazing reasons to stay the course & hope someday I have a cure. They’re pretty cute, huh?



These guys guys are the reason I push on everyday!

Photo credit to my friends at Pirtle Photo. They are awesome!!