Sleep. Dream. Sparkle.


I love this pillow by Lola & Darla & it’s absolutely perfect for today’s thoughts. I’ve been asked, “how do you do it with the exhaustion of autoimmune, two energetic boys & a more than full time demanding job during the school year?” On one hand I could say that it’s easy because my kids at home & at school depend on me so I just get life done. On the other hand I could be completely honest with you & tell you that by the end of the day I want to drop. Actually, more honesty, just getting one little guy to daycare & me to school siphons my energy. Then I teach 3 classes with 2 remediation classes to prepare for STAAR testing & coach 2 athletic periods as well as after school practice. Then it’s time to pick up the boys & head home to cook supper. After supper, my husband & I split, bath or clean the kitchen. I prefer bath so I can sit for a few minutes before its time to get the boys out of the tub & into bed. After both stinkers are in bed, I may have some work to do that I didn’t get done during my conference period or I go to bed. Rinse & repeat & by the weekend I’m exhausted.


You don’t truly understand the exhaustion of autoimmune disease until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Picture your immune system as little soldiers that fight against your body, especially in a flair up. Even in remission, the exhaustion is still there but I laugh in the face of exhaustion and keep sparkling on! I find rest on the weekends and an early bedtime to be a necessity. So what exactly does lack of sleep do to your body? That’s the question on my mind today.


I searched ‘lack of sleep effects’ on google and the first thing I read said that sleep deprivation can cause chronic health problems. (It was on google, not sure who to give credit to) Cha ching! I’m on the right track.


I love for information regarding my health. The article “10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss” has awesome information. It states that lack of sleep can cause you to be grumpy and foggy. I agree! Other problems with sleep deprivation include being more likely to cause accidents, sleep loss dumbs you down and sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems. I think I’ll stop there because that’s exactly what I was thinking I would find.


It seems to me that the answer to cure disease might be getting some extra sleep. So how can I sleep more soundly at night to cure that troublesome gut and put my immune system in check? I found to be a great source of information.


For one, turn off the blue light. I’m really bad about setting my alarm, playing on my phone and falling asleep with it in my hand. I think I’ll try falling asleep without the blue light for a few nights and see how that goes.


Also, ‘park your worries in another room’ so basically turn your mind off before bedtime. This is super hard for a worry wart such as myself. I’ve had a dr tell me to fall asleep running the following statement over and over in my mind, “stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking”. It really works!


Next of interest is to avoid cured meats and aged cheeses such as parmesan because it releases norepinephrine which contributes to the fight or flight reflex. I love cheese, especially shredded parmesan, so I’m not guaranteeing you that I’ll see success with this one.


Hmmmmm, exercise regularly, see my post “Catch 22” for my feelings on exercise.


The next topic deserves its own post. CHECK THE MATTRESS! My husband and I have the great debate, soft or firm, and I’m a softie and he prefers the opposite. It says that a mattress should be changed every seven years. Ours is 6ish years old so I almost have a good argument there. Maybe next year (darn). I’ve always wanted a sleep number bed so maybe with enough begging and some backup from this research, hubby will agree to one.

I’ve got my work cut out for me when it comes to sound sleeping. Pretty sure I have only slept all the way through the night a handful of time since before sweetie #2 was born in July 2014. My goal tonight is a sound, restful night’s sleep with a few glittery dreams scattered through the night. Sound sleep equals happy mommy! Happy wife equals happy life!