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I ❤️ naps!

I mean, I really really love nap time, especially those weekends following crazy weeks where our household doesn’t stop going until bedtime. Today after supervising a group of STAAR testers & then keeping them quiet for another hour after they finished testing. I’m exhausted! I could really use a nap!

This is my second blog about naps so I might have an unhealthy attachment to napping of any length. I’m best with a few hours but I’ll take a cat nap if that’s all I can get.

Through my research I’ve learned that 10 to 20 mins boosts alertness & energy. Yay for that, but it’s a little too short for me. 60 mins shows an improvement in remembering facts. Awesome! This is what my school kids need everyday. Why did we stop napping after kindergarten if it’s so beneficial to memory?! 90 mins can show improved emotional & procedural memory & creativity. Once again, that would be super beneficial in school.

Sadly, somedays I’m lucky to get a short power nap before my littlest man wakes up from his nap. Power naps greatly benefit areas that I’m seriously lacking in. Probably most of my issues can be contributed to having children or sleep deprivation but some could come from my diseases. 

I am probably extremely boring to those around me but I find a nap exciting! I am a WILD woman! This picture is so true, minus the quilting, I’ve never done that.

I can’t wait until the weekend for my naps!


Happy Easter Ya'll!

I love any excuse to get together with my family! I wish they lived next door so I could see them all the time. Hey, we could have a whole block of town where we can all live so we won’t miss a thing in each other’s lives. 

So I might be a little crazy sometimes but really, I love it when my parentals visit. My dad is always up for a good discussion about sports or coaching. Mom is extremely helpful with anything I need and loves on my babies every chance she gets. It just so happens that she was a huge help to Chad as he put together our new bazillion piece playset for the boys. I love you guys & I’m thankful for whatever occasion brigs us together.
Resurrection Sunday just happened to be that reason.

The sermon at church was awesome today but the reverend said something I had probably thought of but put on the back burner. “Why is our excitement for the resurrection only on Easter Sunday?” Jesus wasn’t just crucified on the cross for one days worth of sins so why is our thankfulness & excitement only one day out of the year. Be excited that you serve a risen lord & you only need his salvation to punch your ticket to heaven everyday of the year.

This wonderful resurrection is the reason we got a good family picture today. Why are holidays the only time I get family picks?! I also got the boys new outfits & they looked o so handsome along with their daddy. Jaxson sang with the children’s choir at church today & they sang awesome! We came home to a delicious lunch with my parents, Chad’s mom & my uncle.  

The snow on the ground didn’t stop the Easter Bunny from hiding eggs all throughout the house so the boys had fun hunting eggs together. 

  I’m pretty sure Luke’s basket weighed almost as much as him. 
This master egg hunter got 90% of the eggs. He did awesome (& I’m glad Luke couldn’t have cared less).

I was sad to see my parents go but hopefully we can plan a trip to see them soon. 

With another Easter Sunday gone, I am going to challenge myself to keep today’s excitement all throughout the year!


Words to Live By

I love quotes and sayings! Sometimes it’s just because I need a little laugh but usually it’s because the message in the words is how I’m feeling at the time. I’m a saver so I decided to look through my phone at the random quotes that I’ve saved. I found a lot I saved from Facebook but also a few that I put with some family pictures. 
Here’s a few of my favorites. JK, it’s a bunch of my favorites! Enjoy



Hubby to the Rescue

With my hubby’s permission, I write this post. After two days of spring breaking in Oklahoma City, I have come to the conclusion that I married a superhero. He comes to my rescue so many times and tries to be understanding of my gut and arthritis situation. I know that has to be hard because he doesn’t have any autoimmune issues so it’s not something he has first hand knowledge of dealing with.
We were at the Oklahoma Aquarium having a snack when I had to go. Without even thinking, he just kept feeding the boys and took over for me. It made me think of the countless number of times this disease has made me absentee in our daily lives. There are so many times that he has to jump in and be daddy-to-the-rescue! 

Typically when we get to a place, be it home or a store, I usually have to make a run for it and daddy has to get the babies out of the car and into wherever we’re headed. Another lovely situation is eating. It doesn’t matter what I’m eating or where we’re eating it, something about it triggers the gut and you guessed it, he’s left with the boys or entertaining the company, should we be at home with family or friends. On trips, when I run into a gas station, he’s left in the car with a crying 19 month old and listening to whatever videos our six year old happens to be watching. 
Most recently, we were at the Oklahoma Science Museum and he ended up entertaining the boys with exhibits while I lingered close to any bathroom I found. Kudos to the museum for having numerous bathrooms for me to choose from. 

I completely forgot to mention how helpful he is around the house. There’s days when getting out of bed is a chore and he takes care of the house, the boys and let’s me relax. He’s also a yard man and somehow that always looks perfect too. It must be tiring to be him! He also does laundry and cleans, man what a deal! Without him our house would be in shambles!

I know I owe him big time if I’m ever normal again. I am very thankful to have found him because he provides me the piece of mind in knowing that if I have to run, he’s there to take care of us. My mom tells me every chance she gets how lucky I am to have found the complete package and I am a pretty lucky gal. I love you honey and appreciate all that you do very much!  



Infusion #5

Infusion #5 is going in now. I’ve already seen so much improvement of my symptoms so far and I pray that I keep getting better with each Entivyo infusion. 
If you’ve never heard of Entivyo, it’s a pretty nifty new drug. My nurse explained to me that with colitis, the white blood cells attack the lining of the colon causing bleeding ulcers. Entivyo surrounds the white blood cells and acts as a barrier so that the white blood cells cannot attack anymore. Technology is amazing! 

I pray for a cure in my lifetime but until then, Entivyo will have to work! 




 I’ve always loved this quote, 

I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text will it read…”I gave up.”

I read a lot, especially about colitis & rheumatoid arthritis which makes sense because it’s a daily battle to feel normal. I read stories of people who are much worse off than me, have been in the hospital multiple times, had parts or all of their colon removed, can’t get out of bed because their joint pain is so severe, you get the bigger picture. 

Sometimes I wonder, with the constant flairs and growing “box ‘o pills”, should that have been me at some point in time. A little more of my story, at my worst in 2012, I bottomed out at 108lbs and looked like a walker from The Walking Dead. At times I’m so low on iron that exhaustion is my middle name. With all that I have been through, nowhere in what I write will you here me say, “I gave up hope”. I am just stubborn enough in this life I lead that my book may be written but giving up will not be my conclusion. 


No Restroom Establishmemts


I was at a local business with Big Time today trying to get us a delicious snack of gourmet popcorn when it hit & I couldn’t wait. I asked if there was any chance I could use their restroom, knowing it was likely only for employees but hoped that she could see the desperate look on my face. She must have missed the look because she said that the restroom was not open to the public so I didn’t argue & just hoped that she would be lightning fast at running my card so I could go. 
On my way home I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that this situation had occurred last fall in Red River. My husband & I were with the boys in the Christmas store, which I’m sure has a name but I don’t know it, when it hit. I asked if they had a restroom & the cashier said it was off limits to the public but that I could walk all the way across the park to the community center for a restroom. Now looking back I think I was talking to the owner. I’m very glad it wasn’t an emergency but I felt the need to impart an idea on her. I told her that I was sick with severe ulcerative colitis & it would be great if they would consider putting in a public restroom for people with severe IBD conditions. She asked what IBD or colitis was, so I told her & she said that she would defiantly think about adding a restroom for her customers.

I hope she really does consider this add on because I prefer to frequent stores that I can feel comfortable shopping in. Hearing, “no ma’am, we don’t have a public restroom” equals not shopping there again. 


Snap, Crackle & Pop!

On my quest for a med free existence I know that there will be other options to try and help control this ugly disease. My adventure today is to the chiropractor. I’m glad he’s a friend from way back when so he won’t give me too much flack for my title here. He gets onto me when I say “get popped” instead of “get adjusted”.

My little guys and I have been going off and on for a little over a year to the chiropractor and I try to go every two weeks, if my work schedule allows.

Positive health improvements that we have seen:

  • The boys don’t have to take nearly as much allergy medicine, they can now just alternate between the seasons of the year.
  • I take my toddler in when I feel he has an ear infection coming on and get him adjusted. I feel like he is a little more comfortable afterwards when dealing with the pain.
  • I feel much looser in my back afterwards but the pain persists.

Sometimes I think I should go daily to fix whatever is wrong but I’m sure my insurance would disagree. One great thing is that it’s actually covered by my insurance without an MD referral so always check with your insurance because it will save you money.

What does getting adjusted do for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis? Well, for me, it alleviates pain, almost like relieving pressure in my back. Then the pressure builds back up again and it’s time to see the chiropractor.

I saw my chiropractor today (not sure if he wants to be named or nameless) and asked him exactly what about chiropractic care helps autoimmune or just illness in general. He said that proper communication between spinal cord and brain is key to improving your health. Without that communication, it can weaken the body’s ability to heal itself. From what I’ve read, misalignment of the spine can contribute to joint pain, poor posture and a host of other problems.

So how does it help the immune system you might ask? Every time I get adjusted, he is realigning my spine so that my spine will send the proper signals to my brain so that my body acts right. So far, it’s not been a cure all but I can tell a huge difference for my JRA. So I’ll continue to go every two weeks and hope that I continue to improve and make strides.


I Could Bench Press A Buick

My brain is very random so you’re getting some of that randomness right now. Today’s church sermon was about the return of the prodigal son & how the father treated him so well when he returned, all the while the oldest son had stayed by his father’s side doing what was expected of him & was not rewarded with wining & dining like his younger brother. I know this story doesn’t sound like it has to do with disease but step back & think about it a different way.

I, the patient who takes all medicines as prescribed & only questions in her head, looks like the older brother. I do what the dr says, when the dr says & all I keep getting is a “big box ‘o pills” and more pains. Today I’m sitting in Urgent Care waiting to see if I have shingles and a funny meme comes to mind.


<!– Health Products –>
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Then there are people, like the younger brother, who disregard what needs to be done on his father’s estate and goes wild. That could be compared to the patient who ignores the signs & symptoms & is reckless with their health yet rewarded in the end because they don’t have the ever growing dr’s list & “big box ‘o pills”.

I know this is a pretty far fetched tie in to today’s passage but it just made me think, what would happen if I stopped all meds. Of course I wouldn’t stop cold turkey because it literally might shut my body down but if I slowly weaned off everything, what might the results be. How much of what I take daily causes other symptoms that need to be treated? It sure makes me wonder & wish that I felt like I could try med free. I, however, have some really amazing reasons to stay the course & hope someday I have a cure. They’re pretty cute, huh?



These guys guys are the reason I push on everyday!

Photo credit to my friends at Pirtle Photo. They are awesome!!