Killer Beginner Elliptical Workout

Exercise is tough but so rewarding! I really do believe that autoimmune suffers really should get some type of exercise daily but here’s my catch 22. I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and my hips & back hurt frequently. Exercising does not seem to help the pain but I know research shows it’s supposed to help reduce symptoms of JRA.

Another catch, there’s very few cardio exercises I can do without having to go to the bathroom while exercising.

I used to try to run & that was a fail. The bouncing helped with an unintentional colon cleanse & I never really accomplished any cardio.

I have tried workout videos & I would say that was more of a coordination problem than a UC problem. I’m just not cut out for aerobics.

I’ve given plain jane walking a shot but can’t get too far away from the house just in case I need a bathroom.

So my husband & I decided to buy an elliptical a friend was selling for cheep. We’ve both been using it several times a week & I have to say that it is a better option for some cardio. My knees are still fluid filled from my last JRA flair up so that hurts. I can’t go as long as I used to pre-babies, boy is this momma out of shape, but I am giving exercise a shot & I hope it helps.

A light bulb went off when it came to searching for a solid workout. I, once upon a time, used the Couch to 5K App to try to get in running shape so I thought, why not use it with the elliptical.

The Couch to 5K App is now called Run 5K (I love the apps equally the same & I don’t get paid to say any of that). It fabulous because it rotates between short spurts of  running with longer segments of walking.
As the weeks pass by, you will have shorter walking segments trading them for longer running segments.

This is the “I’ve gotten older but am still trying” way to workout. You can work your way back into shape without turning red & passing out!

Now, for the workout! 
This app is great for the elliptical! When it tells you to warm up, keep your speed between 3 & 4. Don’t rush the buildup, it’s about to speed up.

During walking segments, bring your RPM’s up to a comfortable walking pace, between 4 & 5. I know, your not really walking but let’s call it a good paced “moon walk”.

When the app says run, bring your speed above 6.5 & be consistent. I find myself slowing down a bit when I kick the incline in but you will still get a good workout, just keep pushing!

Last but not least, it’s time for your cool down. You should be sparkling with some sweat by now so a cool down is welcome. You will do the same spped for your cool down as your warm up.

Do you see the 2 icons at the bottom? The middle one connects to your music on your phone so connect your ear buds and get lost in your workout. The Run 5K app will tell you when its time to run, walk & cool down. So cool!!!

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So, now you’ve got your favorite new machine & workout so get to steppin’ & go get some of your sparkle back!

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